Red Skull vs. Skeletor

It’s that time again pop culture fans! This time around for our “Versus” segment, we have  two of the oddest skull-looking characters. In the red corner, we have the Red Skull from Marvel Comics. In the blue corner, we have Skeletor from Mattel!  Who do you think will be the last one standing in this skull-to-skull matchup! We will provide some details about each character, and in the end  we let you the fans decide who wins! Let’s get this started! Continue reading

Top 10 female leads in action films

Who doesn’t love a great action film?* There are so many movies these days to choose from. There are also some great action movies with female heroes. So this list is the top 10 action films with a female lead role!  We put together this is list of  women who kick ass, take names, and perhaps even chew bubblegum at the same time! So sit back, relax  and say, “Ow, ya that was great film!” See if you agreed with us on the list or if you disagree with anything let us know in the comments after the article! We hope you like the list as much as we liked putting it together for you! Continue reading

Top 10 Fast food Restaurants

Have you ever sat in a fast food restaurant and said to yourself, “Hmm, this food is great. This is my favorite fast food restaurant”?  Well you are not alone! Many people say the exact same thing. And today, we are going to talk about our top 10 fast food restaurants! So read away viewers, and get your taste buds ready for some delicious fun! Continue reading

Lambda Lambda Lambda (Revenge of the Nerds) VS. Delta Tau Chi (Animal House)


In this weeks Versus, we decided to change things up a little bit, and do it Greek style. We have a Frat vs. Frat duel! So we have taken two large groups of young men who took on all odds in their respective movies, placed out of their movie element, and have them go against one another. It’s Lambda Lambda Lambda, (? ? ?), a.k.a.: the Tri-Lambs (Revenge of the Nerds) against Delta Tau Chi, (? ? ?), a.k.a.: Delta House (Animal House).  Who could ask for better frats to go up against one another? We dare you to try! Here is a little information about each movie, and the fraternities that reside in each! Continue reading

Dr. Manhattan vs Q

We have a nice tasty cosmic versus for your this week! It’s a battle between two neigh-immortal, near-omnipotent beings. We have Dr. Manhattan from “Watchmen” vs. Q from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Who do you think would win this demigod-like showdown? Here is a little about each character…. Continue reading

Top 10 Inventions We Haven’t gotten yet!


It’s about time we saw some new things enter our physical world, so for our next Top 10, it will be about  inventions we have been promised and haven’t gotten! While nature tells the same old story, as big as it may be, it’s up to man to allow impossibilities to drop the prefix. Continue reading

Top 10 Dinosaurs



For our top 10 list this week, we decided to go with something ancient. We went with real dinosaurs! We thought it would of been fun to test our knowledge and our youths and capture the imagination of which dinosaurs we loved, and what we have come to love today. So here it is our top 10 real dinosaur list! Continue reading