Disney Buys 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television

Image result for disneyDisney Buys 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television

It’s official! The Walt Disney Company has purchased 21st Century Fox, including the 20th Century Fox Film and Television studios, along with cable and international TV businesses. The deal includes 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000, 20th Century Fox Television, FX Productions, Fox21, FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, Fox Sports Regional Networks, Fox Networks Group International, Star India and Fox’s interests in Hulu, Sky, and Endemol Shine Group.

The deal doesn’t include the Fox Broadcasting network and stations, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network. Those will be spun off into a newly-listed company.

It has also been revealed that The Walt Disney Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger has agreed to continue in the position through the end of calendar year 2021.

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Next X-Men Movie Eyes Simon Kinberg to Direct

Will the next X-Men movie follow the Dark Phoenix Saga?

Although Hugh Jackman‘s time as Wolverine appears to be coming to an end with Logan, 20th Century Fox‘s X-Men movie franchise looks like it may just be getting started. Collider reports that Simon Kinberg is in talks with the studio to write and direct the next X-Men movie, rumored to be titled “X-Men: Supernova”. Kinberg has been involved as a writer and producer of every X-Men film since 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. If he takes the director’s chair on the next X-Men movie, it will mark his feature film directorial debut. Continue reading

Jennifer Connelly will be the villain for Alita: Battle Angel

battle angel alita

Jennifer Connelly will play a villain in Alita: Battle Angel, the James Cameron-produced film based on manga “Battle Angel Alita”, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Connelly, known for her roles in films like LabyrinthRequiem for a Dream, and House of Sand and Fog won an Academy Award for her performance in A Beautiful Mind in 2001. Continue reading

Deadpool 3 Is Already Planned, Will Introduce X-Force

Deadpool 3 Is Already Planned, Will Introduce X-Force

Even though Deadpool 2 doesn’t have a director anymore, 20th Century Fox isn’t slowing down one bit. Not only is the studio moving full steam ahead on this impending sequel with an empty director’s chair, they are already in the planning stages on Deadpool 3. And the movie will introduce the X-Force. Continue reading

Olivia Munn Joining Boyd Holbrook in Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Reboot

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Munn will play a scientist opposite Holbrook’s Special Forces commando.

Olivia Munn is in negotiations to join Boyd Holbrook in The Predator, Twentieth Century Fox’s reboot of the alien action-movie series that Shane Black is directing.Holbrook is starring in the movie, which was co-written by Black and Fred Dekker. Continue reading

Boyd Holbrook Set for Benicio Del Toro Predator Role

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Although the Academy Award winner was previously said to be in talks for the film, The Hollywood Reporter today brings word that Benicio Del Toro has exited 20th Century Fox‘s new Predator movie. The Benicio Del Toro Predator role will instead go to Narcos star Boyd Holbrook.
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20th Century Fox will remake Hasbro’s board game, “Clue”

Clue 1985 movie poster

20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to remake “Clue”, the classic Hasbro board game, after it had been dropped Universal Studios.

Josh Feldman, the head of Hasbro’s TV and film division, is producing for Hasbro Studios. Daria Cercek is overseeing for Fox.

Hasbro launched development of a “Clue” movie in 2008 as part of a six-year partnership with Universal to produce at least four feature films based on branded properties: Clue, Monopoly, Candyland, Ouija, Battleship, Magic: The Gathering and Stretch Armstrong. Continue reading

Deadpool 2 Casting Rumors: 12 Actors Who Could Be in the Sequel

With Deadpool 2 now in the works, rumors and speculations abound on which superheroes will be joining the Merc with a Mouth and the actors who will be playing them. The biggest discussion right now, of course, concerns gun-toting, time-travelling Cable, a role that several actors are already being considered, and even campaigned, for. Continue reading

Fox Is Reportedly Considering a Marvel Studios Team-Up

After Deadpool was released, it was mentioned by the filmmakers that they would like to see Deadpool and Spider-Man team up in a movie. That sparked a lot of discussion about Fox and Marvel making a deal to team up and make movies together like Sony and Marvel are in the process of doing. The relationship between the two studios has blossomed quite well, and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. They might even start building a Spider-Man cinematic universe together! Continue reading

Wolverine 3 Gets Titled Weapon X, Is Not Old Man Logan?

Wolverine 3 Gets Titled Weapon X, Is Not Old Man Logan?

Nearly a month ago, it was confirmed that production has begun on Wolverine 3, with recent photos seemingly hinting that this final Wolverine movie will actually be adapted from the “Old Man Logan” comics, which has been rumored for months. We still haven’t gotten any official plot details at this time, but today a new rumor has surfaced, which not only claims that this story won’t be based on “Old Man Logan”, but reveals the new title. If this report is true, Wolverine 3 will actually be called Weapon X. Continue reading