The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hot Toys Version of Thanos Has Collected All The Infinity Stones


Hot Toys has unleashed their Avengers: Infinity War collectible action figure and this thing is big! He stands so much taller than the other Avengers Hot Toys action figures! On top of that, as you can see, he has all of the Infinity Stones! If this is any indication of what happens in the film, the MCU and most of the characters that fill it are screwed. As you know, once the infinity gauntlet is locked and loaded with the stones, all it will take is a snap of his fingers to destroy half of the universe.

This latest figure is awesome and I would love to get my hands on one! It’s probably not going to be cheap, though.

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.” – Thanos

In less than a month, fans will witness the Avengers assemble again in Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War, who are brought face to face with the cunning, intelligent, and fierce warlord, Thanos, a ruthless cosmic threat consumed with saving the universe from itself. To stop him, the Avengers must join forces to bring down this villain who will stop at nothing to collect the six Infinity Stones.

Hot Toys has dedicated its great effort to create the latest Avengers: Infinity War collectibles based on the most up-to-date details, and today Hot Toys is ecstatic to officially introduce the highly movie accurate 1/6th scale Thanos collectible figure that Marvels fans eagerly sought after!

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Hot Toys Reveals Their AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Captain America Action Figure


Here it is! Hot Toys has revealed their 1/6th scale collectible action figure for Captain America from Avengers: Infinity War. I actually own every version of Captain America that Hot Toys has made from each of the films that he has appeared in. So, it looks like I’ll have to drop some money on this bad boy to complete my collection. After all… Captain America could very well die in this movie. It’s just something that most fans are expecting to happen.

This new figure gives us a close-up and detailed look at Caps suit, which as you can tell has been through a lot. As you can see, it’s really worn out. It makes me wonder… how do superheroes like Captain America clean their suits!? Do they take the time to clean them? Do they take it to the dry cleaners? Do they never clean it and just let it soak in the stinky sweat of battle? I’ll be dwelling on this for awhile.

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Hot Toys Reveals Their Incredibly Cool AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Iron Spider Action Figure

The Predator Reshot Nearly Its Entire Third Act

The Predator Reshot Nearly Its Entire Third Act

The Predator reshot nearly its entire third act

20th Century Fox and filmmaker Shane Black are working hard to deliver The Predator in fighting shape, delaying its release from February to September in order to carry out reportedly extensive reshoots. Now co-star Keegan-Michael Key has told CinemaBlend just how extensive those reshoots are: The filmmakers behind The Predator reshot nearly the entire third act of the film!

“We just finished [reshoots] last week, and just about three-quarters of the third act was rewritten,” confirms Key. “And Shane Black is… he’s just a consummate professional, and a consummate writer. He’s a wordsmith! It was a really, really exhilarating experience, and I think that he’s still one of our most vibrant writers of cinema.”

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KICK-ASS 2 Director Jeff Wadlow Shares Details on His MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Script

 Art By Gerald Parel

Back in 2014 Kick-Ass 2 director, Jeff Wadlow was attached to write and direct the new feature film adaptation of Masters of the Universe. Things ended up not working out, but in a recent interview with Collider, the director opened up and shared some details on what he was looking to do.

One thing that he says that I found interesting is that he was trying to do what Marvel did with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, before Marvel did it. He wanted to bring that kind of irreverent, playful, and fun approach, but with Masters of the Universe. But Sony Pictures wanted more of a serious straightforward fantasy tone. He explains:

“I had a really irreverent take on Masters of the Universe, and the studio, at the time, was very focused on a Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings take. I love He-Man. I still have all my original figures from the ‘80s. That’s how I got the job. I brought them in and put them on the table and was like, ‘This is why I’m a director!’ I wrote a scene where Prince Adam meets Ram Man and says to him, ‘So, they call you Ram Man, huh?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ And he goes, ‘Do you like that name?’ And Ram Man goes, ‘I’m owning it.’ So, there was an irreverence to it, but at the time, that just didn’t gel with what they wanted to do.

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This Video Points Out Every Easter Egg, Reference and Cameo in READY PLAYER ONE

I’ve seen Ready Player One twice so far and I know that I haven’t seen everything that is packed into that movie. I just watched this video from Mr. Sunday Movies and he lists every Easter egg, reference, and cameo that he noticed in the film and I didn’t see half of the stuff that he mentions on my first two viewings! Chances are I won’t notice all of them until I own the film and am able to pause it and take the time to scan it. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll want to check this video out. After you watch it let us know if you were actually able to catch everything that is pointed out in the video. There are spoilers in this video, though, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest that you don’t watch it.

Out of everything that he mentions, there is one character he missed and that character is Spawn and he also missed the Glaive from Krull.

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum Like The Idea of a SMALLVILLE: THE ANIMATED SEIRES

Smallville was such an amazing series and it helped pave that way for the DC series’ that we are currently enjoying on The CW. It was kinda sad when Smallville came to an end seven years ago and since then fans have wondered if we ever might see some kind of revival.

Well, last weekend at Awesome-Con, there was a Smallville panel with stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum. During the Q&A a fan got up and asked if Smallville could ever be brought back in live-action or animated form that could stream on the DC streaming service. Tom Welling was totally open to the idea of an animated series, saying:

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THE PURGE Series Moves Forward With a Director

The USA Network has hired a director to helm the first episode of the series adaptation of The Purge film franchise. That director is Anthony Hemingway who has worked on some great series in his career that include The People v. O. J. Simpson, Battlestar Galactica, American Horror Story, Orange Is the New Black, Empire, Shameless and the true crime series Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

All of the Purge films have focused on the one day a year when all crime is legal, and murderous chaos fills every American city. This series will revolve around what happens the rest of the year when life is normal for everyone. When talking about the series, Blumhouse CEO and producer Jason Blum said viewers of the show will see just how the “awful law” affects America during the other 364 days a year.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this crazy law does end up affecting the lives of people throughout the year.

The creator of the film franchise, James DeMonaco, will write the series adaptation and it will star East Los High’s Gabriel Chavarria and Six’s Jessica Garza.

The first season will consist of 10-episodes and it will air on USA and SyFy. Will you be tuning in to watch it?

E3 2018 games: Anthem and Battlefield are confirmed, but what else is on the way?

A photo illustration of potential E3 2018 games Red Dead Redemption 2 Cyberpunk 2077 and Anthem When the E3 2018 games start rolling out in a few months, it’ll feel like a blur. As always, E3 new game reveals will pour forth like sweet ambrosia, matched only in volume by E3 release date announcements for all the best new games of 2018 we can expect later this year. It’s bound to be an exciting time for anyone with even a passing interest in video games. You can make sure you don’t miss any of the biggest news by getting ready ahead of time – here are the details on what to expect from E3 2018.

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Stephen Amell Says BLACK LIGHTNING Will Probably Join The Arrow-Verse

The CW’s top brass has been adamant about the fact that Black Lightning may not crossover with the rest of the Arrow-verse, although Stephen Amell doesn’t buy it. The Arrow star commented on the show’s success at AwesomeCon (via ComicBook) and told fans in attendance he believed a crossover is coming sooner or later:

“Everyone pretends like we’re not going to eventually cross over with Black Lightning but we’re probably gonna cross over with Black Lightning, because that’s just the way that the world works. . . . Yeah, I would love to. I think that anything you can do to expand the universe and to build out what we’ve built on our show would be great. So, I’m glad that show’s doing well, I hope that it has a very successful run, and I would love to be a small part of it in some way shape, or form.”

Yeah, I tend to agree with Amell especially given the show’s success. Even if the Black Lightning crew is sticking their heads in the ground and refusing a collaboration, The CW is going to mix it into the bunch. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, personally, as I think it would be weirder not to include Black Lightning in the next crossover event. I’m sure some people feel differently, so share your thoughts in the comments below.