Tom Hanks Couldn’t Face The Crew of TOY STORY 4 Because it Was Too Emotional

We recently heard Toy Story star Tim Allen talk about getting emotional while working on Toy Story 4, and it looks like he’s not the only one. Co-star Tom Hanks has come on record talking about how emotional he was getting while working on the final scene of the film.

“It was the first time that we were going to be recording the end of the movie, and Toy Story [4] is going to have an impactful ending.

The way you record Toy Story, you’re in a room with the team that has created it. When I went in for my last day of recording, I wanted to have my back to them, because usually you’re facing him so he can look right up and you can talk about it.

I didn’t want to see them and pretended they couldn’t see me.”

Superman And Robocop Take On Skynet In Crazy Stop Motion SUPERMAN VS. TERMINATOR 2

If you don’t have 21 minutes to sit back and watch this film, save it for later and make time because this is one you’ll want to watch! Superman and Robocop take on Skynet in an insane adventure that feels like what would happen if Robot Chicken took itself seriously. Side note: I now want the Robot Chicken team to make a film with a scenario as crazy as this! If not DGDX Animation seems to be holding it down for the time being, so check out the video and give them some love!

Prepare for the Second Part in the New LEGO Movie 2

Prepare for the Second Part in the New LEGO Movie 2 Logo

It was recently announced that Tiffany Haddish will be voicing a new lead character in the movie, joining returning voice cast members, including Chris Pratt as Master Builder Emmet Brickowoski, Elizabeth Banks as Wyldsyde, Will Arnett as Batman, Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern.

Animation vet Mike Mitchell (TrollsShrek Forever AfterThe SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water) will direct The LEGO Movie Sequel. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who wrote and directed The LEGO Movie, wrote the first draft of the sequel script based on a story by Lord, Miller, Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan. It was most recently re-written by BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg. In addition, Lord and Miller will serve as producers, alongside returning producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is a sequel to the original 3D computer animated film, which follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO mini-figure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

A New THUNDERCATS Series is Coming to Cartoon Network

A New THUNDERCATS Series Coming to Cartoon Network and It's Not What I Was Expecting

Warner Bros. Animation is developing a new ThunderCats animated series for Cartoon Network called ThunderCats Roar, and it’s definitely not was I was expecting. I am a huge fan of the original ThunderCats series but what they are doing here definitely isn’t what I want in a ThunderCats series. ThunderCats was a badass show, and although it’s different, I’m not seeing anything really badass about this.

EW released the promo art above and a sneak peek video below that features producer Victor Courtright, who explains that ThunderCats Roar plans on staying true to the original’s premise and will feature tons of action, but that it will also lean into the comedy of the world:

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Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum Like The Idea of a SMALLVILLE: THE ANIMATED SEIRES

Smallville was such an amazing series and it helped pave that way for the DC series’ that we are currently enjoying on The CW. It was kinda sad when Smallville came to an end seven years ago and since then fans have wondered if we ever might see some kind of revival.

Well, last weekend at Awesome-Con, there was a Smallville panel with stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum. During the Q&A a fan got up and asked if Smallville could ever be brought back in live-action or animated form that could stream on the DC streaming service. Tom Welling was totally open to the idea of an animated series, saying:

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15 G.I. Joes That Would Never Fly in today’s culture

G.I. Nope: 15 G.I. Joes That Would Never Fly Today

Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule over the world. Who will stop them? G.I. Joe, of course! The Joes had a giant roster that consisted of people with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Some specialized in hand-to-hand combat, others piloted vehicles, and as the series expanded from toys to comics, cartoons, and live action series, the tone became less militant and more fantastical. G.I. Joe started with such Joes as Stalker and Grunt, but now you have characters like Sci-Fi and Crazylegs. There are however some characters from the early days of G.I. Joe that would be better forgotten about.

There are G.I. Joes that feel like they were created during different times. Some of the Joes that we have on our list are here due to cultural insensitivities that in hindsight could have been done with much greater care. Other Joes are mentioned because the logic is way off and it insults our intelligence as a(n adult) viewer.  Some made the list because they were odd choices that were too either too silly or too serious to be played with. You’ll cringe, you’ll laugh, and you’ll wonder where it all went wrong as we take a look at 15 G.I. Joe characters that would never fly today.

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STAR WARS REBELS Producer Dave Filoni Says a New Series Announcement is Coming Soon

As Star Wars Rebels is about to come to an end, fans have been wondering what we are going to see next. We all know that another series is coming, but what will it be!? What story will it tell!? According to Star Wars Rebels producer David Filoni, we’ll find out soon.

During an interview with Animation Magazine, Filoni talked about his experience with working on Clone Wars and Rebels and in the process teased that an announcement is coming:

“George always treated our animation on Clone Wars the same way he treated film, it’s all part of his story. At times there’s a tendency to treat animation as an ‘other’ or as something for kids, and that’s not been my experience at Lucasfilm. We are telling stories and we happen to use the medium of animation to tell them.

“So I think that’s what the future holds. We have a lot of different ways to convey stories and we choose the best mediums and we are showing no sign of slowing, so the end of one thing always means the beginning of another, and soon people will learn what that other is.”

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The Animated CONSTANTINE Series Will Be Darker Than The Original Series

When the animated Constantine series premieres on The CW Seed, it will pick up where the live-action series left off, albeit with one exception. Peter Girardi, EVP of Blue Ribbon Content informed press at the TCA winter tour (via Slashfilm) the series will be much darker than its predecessor:

The Constantine that we’re doing, it’s Constantine. If you’re familiar with the character Constantine from the Vertigo comic, it’s dark, darker than the show.

Girardi suggested parents not let their younger children watch the series when it debuts later this year. I’ll give the series a shot, of course, but I would much rather see John Constantine back in the Arrow-verse in a much more permanent capacity. What about you?

John Lasseter Taking Leave of Absence From Pixar Amid “Missteps”

“It’s never easy to face your missteps, but it’s the only way to learn from them,” the executive stated.

Disney Animation head John Lasseter is taking a leave of absence from Pixar after acknowledging “painful” conversations and unspecified “missteps,” he wrote Tuesday in a memo to staff, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Lasseter’s statement arrived as THR was preparing a story detailing alleged misconduct by the executive at Disney/Pixar.


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Hasbro and Machinima have released the first images from their upcoming new Transformers series Transformers: Titans Returns! This is the second chapter of the series that began with Transformers: Combiner Wars. If you haven’t watched this series, you totally should, especially if you’re a fan of the original 80s Transformers series! This series is seriously made for all of us who grew up on Transformers. It’s definitely better than the live-action Transformers movies! Here are the details that have been released for Titans Return: