Xbox One VR games apparently outed by E3’s own site

TODO alt textMicrosoft hasn’t said anything solid about plans for virtual reality on Xbox One, but other companies aren’t being quite so patient. NeoGAF user 00ich found that the E3 website has three studios and one other company currently registered under the Xbox One virtual reality games category: Maximum Games, Readily information Co. Ltd., Rebellion, and VR input company 3DRudder. Continue reading


A sequel to the widely popular DC fighting game “Injustice: Gods Among Us” is coming March 2017. That’s if you believe the rumor from a French website which VG247 says has a source close to the game. The source reports that the game may even be announced ahead of E3. If announced, the game would be releasing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Continue reading

Hayley Atwell Admits That She Would “One Hundred Percent” Do A Third Season of Agent Carter. ABC Network still closer to Zero Percent.

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Look’s like Agent Carter herself is ready for another adventure!

Hayley Atwell made a scheduled appearance at Mega-Con today in Orlando and of course everybody wanted to talk about “Marvel’s Agent Carter” and its recent cancellation. According to reports online, originating from a fan who attended the event, the actress – who plays Peggy Carter on the hit series – told the audience that she was flattered by the support and the petition to revive the series. When asked if she would return to do a third season – that is if the petition is successful – Atwell responded with “Yes. 100 Percent“.I love Peggy. I love the people working on this project…A privilege and honour to bring her back to the fans” Continue reading

Big Bang Theory Season 10 May Be Its Last Says Kunal Nayyar

Big Bang Theory Season 10 May Be Its Last Says Kunal Nayyar

Having just wrapped Season 9 a couple weeks ago, it has already been confirmed that “The Big Bang Theory” will return for Season 10 in the fall. But where it goes after that is anyone’s guess. It has long been rumored that America’s top-rated sitcom will continue for a few more years. But star Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, is hinting that may not be true. It’s very possible that these upcoming episodes could be the show’s last. Continue reading

Lawrence Kasdan on Han Solo Spinoff Film, Confirms It Will Start Shooting in January

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are currently preparing the upcoming Han Solo movie for production. The script for that film was written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon. As you know, Kasdan has a long history with writing Star Wars films, so it gives a lot of us fans hope that he’s given us one of the best possible early stories for Han Solo.

Kasdan was recently awarded with the first Icon Award for Contributions to the Cinematic Arts at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival.  Before he was given the award, he participated in Continue reading

New Ghostbusters Is Funnier & Scarier Than Original Says Biased Person Making a Cameo in Film

New Ghostbusters Is Funnier & Scarier Than Original Says Aykroyd

This should go over like a wheelbarrow full of lead-laced bricks. But shortly after original Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson tweeted then deleted some disparaging remarks about this summer’s remake, co-creator of the franchise Dan Aykroyd stepped into shower praise on director Paul Feig’s hugely criticized summer blockbuster. Some are claiming that Sony is holding a gun to Danny’s head, demeaning that he speak highly of the movie on social media. Other’s are now slamming Aykroyd for his personal thoughts, just because they don’t mesh with the very loud critics coming out against the movie. We still have a month and a half left before we get to judge for ourselves. Continue reading

An Early Last Knight Teaser Reveals the Transformers 5 Villain

A brief Last Knight teaser reveals the Transformers 5 villain.

Following a cryptic warning video last week, the Transformers 5 villain has revealed himself in a new teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight. There’s no footage quite yet as production is only just gearing up, but Michael Bay has also posted a set video that you can check out in the second player below. It even reveals the automotive form of a new robot character! Continue reading

Star Wars: Rogue One Not in Trouble Just Because Disney Demands Extensive Reshoots

Star Wars: Rogue One in Trouble, Disney Demands Extensive Reshoots?

Reports are coming out of the LucasFilm camp that director Gareth Edwards’ spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is “less than extraordinary.” Now, extensive and very expensive reshoots are demanded, and will take place throughout the summer.  Continue reading

Who stole X-Men: Apocalypse for you?

If you have already seen X-Men: Apocalypse, who stole the movie for you? Everyone has their own ideas of who stood out more, and who was more popular. With a movie like this, with so many characters, which one in your mind made the cut as the best character that made the movie for you? Continue reading

X-Men: Apocalypse Originally Had Wolverine in A Bigger Role. Then They Wanted To Keep Their PG-13 Rating.

X-Men: Apocalypse Had Wolverine in A Bigger Role, Then It Changed

In the months leading up to the release of this weekend’s X-Men: Apocalypse, many were wondering whether or not Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine would appear in the movie. This iconic character has appeared in every X-Men movie to date, and while he was never confirmed as part of the cast, Hugh Jackman and director Bryan Singer’s cryptic conversation at Comic Con lead most fans to believe that Wolverine would be a part of X-Men: Apocalypse. Now that X-Men: Apocalypse is playing nationwide, new details have surfaced, revealing that Wolverine almost had a much bigger role in this story. Continue reading