Hot Toys Reveals Their Amazing Yondu Action Figure From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2


“He may have been your father boy, but he wasn’t your daddy.”

Hot Toys has unveiled their Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 1/6th scale Yondu action figure and as you’d expect this thing is awesome! Michael Rooker‘s Yondu ended up being one of the best parts of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He just had such a powerful story arc that ended with him saving Peter Quill’s life. It’s kind of sad that we’ll never see him again in the MCU, but you can memorialize him with this figure. It was also recently revealed by James Gunn that his spirit will be present in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 through the music that is on the Zune that was given to Quill at the end of the film. Gun says that those “song choices will be Yondu’s communicating to Peter.”

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Hot Toys Reveals Their Executioner Trooper Action Figure From STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI


Hot Toys has revealed their latest Star Wars action figure featuring the 1/6th scale Execution Trooper action figure from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is our best look yet at the Executioner Trooper and, of course, I want to get one! The Trooper has a really cool look and that electricity axe that he’s wielding looks like it could do some serious damage.

In case you’re wondering the purpose of the Executioner Trooper here’s a description:

The First Order can only operate effectively with the absolute loyalty of its followers. Should any soldier be found guilty of treason, it is up to this special branch of Stormtroopers to dispense final justice.

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Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure Review Sideshow Collectibles

If you’re a fan of Wolverine, Sideshow Collectibles has one of the coolest Wolverine action figures you can get your hands on! They recently sent me one to review, and this thing is freakin’ awesome! It’s so awesome that it’s one of the few Sideshow figures that I kept out of the box to display and show off.

This is a Sideshow Collectibles exclusive and with Logan coming out this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to post my review for it. This is the same figure that Hugh Jackman shared on Twitter that caused the internet to go wild with speculation that this was a hint he would be wearing the classic suit in Logan. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He was just showing off the cool figure!

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Life-Size Incredible Hulk Bust From Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled an awesome new life-size bust of The Incredible Hulk. I love how this thing looks and as a fan of The Hulk, I’d love to add it to my collection. The one thing that’s stopping me… the $980 price tag! That’s just too much for my blood. I’d love to see what a life-size sculpt of the full character would look like! Here are the details:

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Hulk SMASH?  Well, this time it’s Hulk BUST!  Sideshow is proud to unveil The Incredible Hulk Life-Size Bust to make others green with envy over your impressive collection.

This simply smashing superhero has been brought to life in epic 1:1 scale, straight from the Marvel universe.  The Incredible Hulk Life-Size Bust stands a monstrous 26” tall, capturing the intimidating stature of the angriest Avenger.

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Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their insanely menacing Thanos on Throne maquette. This thing looks so freakin’ cool and they’ve released an inside look video showing us the process of creating it. The video also includes interviews with the talented team behind its creation. Just wait until you see the crazy amount of detail on this thing!

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Carnage Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

“I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!”
 Carnage Premium Format™ Figure The latest addition to Sideshow’s collection of misfits, monsters, and miscreants to face off against our favorite web-slinger is non-other than Cletus Kasady himself – Carnage!
Old Cletus was never the picture of sanity at the best of times, but merging with an alien symbiote brou  ght out all new kinds of crazy in this maniacal criminal!

This mass-murderin’ monstrosity took evil to a whole new level when he was first introduced, and even made Venom seem positively logical by comparison. By bonding with Cletus Kassidy the symbiote took an already unhinged killer and imbued him with incredible powers of strength, speed, and shape-shifting – turning his body into a living weapon!

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Venom Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

“Welcome to my neighborhood, Spider-Man! Would you be my… could you be my… neighbor?”

 Venom Premium Format™ Figure How do you begin to describe Venom? He’s part antagonist, part anti-hero.  He’s part man, part monster.  He’s one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous foes, but he’s also sometimes a grudging and reluctant ally. Whatever he is, Venom’s larger than life personality and twisted appearance has made him incredibly popular with many of the artists and designers here at Sideshow –  so for us, adding him to our rogues gallery has been a true labor of love!
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Anti-Venom Statue by Sideshow Collectibles AND Prime one studios

“See, this is what I’m talking about! NO ONE takes crazy Eddie Brock seriously.” – Edward Brock

 Anti-Venom Statue Developed and manufactured in partnership with Prime 1 Studio, we are proud to present Anti-Venom. Eddie Brock was debonded from the Venom symbiote, traces of it were left in his body. Later, suffering from cancer, Brock started working as a volunteer in the F.E.A.S.T. Center. Martin Li, the alter-ego of Mr. Negative, and founder of F.E.A.S.T. used his powers to cure Eddie’s cancer. In the process, he accidentally infused the remnants of the symbiote in Eddie’s bloodstream with his power and fused them to his white blood cells, creating a new hybrid symbiote which manifested when the Venom symbiote attempted to leave its then-current host and return to Eddie. This new symbiote had powerful healing powers and other powers that differ from the Venom symbiote, producing antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body. Unlike other symbiotes, this symbiote is completely mindless and Eddie Brock is in full control of his actions. Continue reading

K-2SO Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

“The captain says you’re a friend. I will not kill you.”

Droids have always been an iconic element in the Star Wars galaxy and in the latest release, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the new droid K-2SO has captured attention since the character’s first reveal!

Hot Toys K-2SO Sixth Scale Figure

A reprogrammed Imperial security droid now loyal to the Alliance, K-2SO is an alarming sight standing within a secret Rebel base. The pragmatic droid is an effective insertion agent, as he can blend in perfectly at Imperial installations and outposts.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are very excited to introduce the sixth scale collectible figure of this new droid! Meticulously crafted based on the appearance of the droid in the new film, the highly accurate K-2SO collectible figure stands approximately 36cm tall and features a sophisticatedly constructed mechanical structure, LED light-up eyes with separate rolling eyeballs, a blaster pistol, a grenade, and a specially designed figure stand! Continue reading

Shoretrooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

The Star Wars galaxy expands in size and scope as the story advances to new planets and locales never before seen on film. This December, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will

Hot Toys Shoretrooper Sixth Scale Figure

introduce us to the secluded and heavily guarded tropical planet Scarif, where Imperial military installations are established and new specialist Stormtroopers known as the

Shoretroopers are stationed to patrol the beaches and bunkers of the planetary facility.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to announce the sixth scale collectible figure of the new Shoretrooper. The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of the Shoretrooper in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and features a highly poseable new body with a distinctive helmet, all-new armor with weathering effects, a new blaster rifle, detailed utility belt with pouch and other accessories, plus a specially designed figure stand and backdrop.

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