Superman Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their insanely menacing Thanos on Throne maquette. This thing looks so freakin’ cool and they’ve released an inside look video showing us the process of creating it. The video also includes interviews with the talented team behind its creation. Just wait until you see the crazy amount of detail on this thing!

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Anti-Venom Statue by Sideshow Collectibles AND Prime one studios

“See, this is what I’m talking about! NO ONE takes crazy Eddie Brock seriously.” – Edward Brock

 Anti-Venom Statue Developed and manufactured in partnership with Prime 1 Studio, we are proud to present Anti-Venom. Eddie Brock was debonded from the Venom symbiote, traces of it were left in his body. Later, suffering from cancer, Brock started working as a volunteer in the F.E.A.S.T. Center. Martin Li, the alter-ego of Mr. Negative, and founder of F.E.A.S.T. used his powers to cure Eddie’s cancer. In the process, he accidentally infused the remnants of the symbiote in Eddie’s bloodstream with his power and fused them to his white blood cells, creating a new hybrid symbiote which manifested when the Venom symbiote attempted to leave its then-current host and return to Eddie. This new symbiote had powerful healing powers and other powers that differ from the Venom symbiote, producing antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body. Unlike other symbiotes, this symbiote is completely mindless and Eddie Brock is in full control of his actions. Continue reading

Princess Bride “As You Wish” Westley And Buttercup Sculpture

There was a friendly giant, epic sword fights, battles of wits and more, but the heart of the movie classic, “The Princess Bride”, was a love story between a young Florin girl and her poor farm boy. Now, The Hamilton Collection is excited to present a special opportunity to reserve the As You Wish Sculpture, an officially licensed first-ever sculpture capturing the likeness of the actors in their famous roles, Westley as the Dread Pirate Roberts and Princess Buttercup. Pending sufficient demand, this Princess Bride sculpture is sure to bring back their unforgettable romance in dazzling detail and will sparkle with 38 genuine Swarovski® crystals! Continue reading

Bane Statue by Prime 1 Studio

dc-comics-batman-arkham-origins-bane-mercenary-version-statue-prime1-902753-07“With your death, I will find peace”

Sideshow and Prime 1 are proud to present the Bane – Mercenary Version 1:3 Scale Statue from Batman: Arkham Origins.

The deadly assassin is crafted in roughly 1:3 scale with exceptional attention to detail. He towers over 34 inches tall and includes an interchangeable unmasked portrait. Continue reading

Voltron Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles 27-Inch Maquette


A couple of months ago Sideshow Collectibles unveiled their badass Voltron Maquette. As I understand, that was still a work in progress, but now Sideshow has officially announced the figure which stands at a whopping 27 inches tall with a 14.5 inch wing diameter.

They’ve also released some additional details like the fact that it’s made up of 106 individual polyresin, metal, and premium grade PVC pieces, and it has eyes that light. Continue reading

Two Face Polystone Statue by Prime 1 Studio

dc-comics-batman-arkham-knight-two-face-statue-prime-1-feature-902736-13“I wanted to help people, but Gotham wouldn’t let me. Good men don’t last here, Bruce, not when everybody knows who they are.”

 Two-Face Polystone Statue

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Two-Face from Batman: Arkham Knight. District Attorney Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s strongest allies in Gotham City until Carmine Falcone threw acid in Dent’s face and hideously scarred him. The wounds fractured Dent’s psyche, and he was reborn as Two-Face: a schizoid criminal mastermind, obsessed with duality. His former good-luck charm, a “two-headed” trick silver dollar, was damaged on one side from the attack, and Dent had seized on it as a reflection of his half-scarred visage.

The statue features an interchangeable head, left hand featuring his iconic coin, and right arm for holding a pistol.

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Egghead Maquette by Tweeterhead

 Egghead Maquette
Sideshow and Tweeterhead are pleased to present the Egghead Maquette. Batman’s pun-prone foe dons his egg-white suit with a yolk-yellow shirt. A technological genius, Egghead is seen holding a radar egg and is poised with a mischievous grin. Continue reading

The Joker ‘The Dark Knight’ The Joker Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

dc-comics-the-joker-the-dark-knight-premium-format-300251-01“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
 The Joker The Dark Knight Premium Format™ Figure
Commemorating Heath Ledger’s critically acclaimed performance in Christopher Nolan’s remarkable film trilogy, Sideshow is proud to present the Joker Premium Format™ Figure from The Dark Knight. Continue reading