A New THUNDERCATS Series is Coming to Cartoon Network

A New THUNDERCATS Series Coming to Cartoon Network and It's Not What I Was Expecting

Warner Bros. Animation is developing a new ThunderCats animated series for Cartoon Network called ThunderCats Roar, and it’s definitely not was I was expecting. I am a huge fan of the original ThunderCats series but what they are doing here definitely isn’t what I want in a ThunderCats series. ThunderCats was a badass show, and although it’s different, I’m not seeing anything really badass about this.

EW released the promo art above and a sneak peek video below that features producer Victor Courtright, who explains that ThunderCats Roar plans on staying true to the original’s premise and will feature tons of action, but that it will also lean into the comedy of the world:

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Milla Jovovich Wants to Play Cheetara in the THUNDERCATS Movie…

A live-action film adaptation of the classic ’80s animated series “Thundercats” has been in and out of development for years. I’m sure one day the film will happen, but it doesn’t look like it will be made anytime soon.

HE-MAN and THUNDERCATS Will Crossover in New Comic Series for DC


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Top 10 80’s toys!



Toys are an important part in the development of an individual, and can say much about a person, community, or even a generation. Indeed, if you want to know about a particular group of people or a generation, check out their toys. I wonder what toys from the 80’s say about that generation? Let’s check out  our top 10 list from the 80’s. We have some great toys for you to look at, and I am sure you can relate to this list in one way or another. So sit back, and enjoy! Continue reading