Top 10 Directors

Filmography matters; but the more important considerations that we made to come up with this list were: Is the director at top of his or her game ? Is his/her next movie waited by critics and audiences alike? And does he/she have the ability to experiment and improve the horizons of cinema? Therefore, you will observe, a Steven Spielberg or even Woody Allen, who have the best filmography among all in the list, figure lower in comparison to someone like Scorsese or David Fincher who are still at the top of his game and are not shy to take the risks. Overall, the shortest way possible to summarize the method we utilized to rank down the list is asking this question to ourselves, “Who are the top directors in Hollywood?”

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Top 10 of the Biggest, Most Challenging Lego Sets

Who doesn’t love lego? Don’t you dare say you! Because there is a kid in everyone of use that loved lego at one point!  If not  you deserve to be the  villain of movie!  Putting those bricks together get to be really time consuming!  Here is a list i think we can all agree  with that these are some pretty hard sets!  I know  i have a couple of them!  See if you would agree with this list!

Motorized Walking AT-AT (10178)
The Motorized Walking AT-AT utilizes the Lego Power Functions System to walk forward, and features an opening cockpit and rotating laser cannons. The AT-AT measures 12″ (30cm) tall and over 14″ (36cm) long after constructed from the 1,137 Lego pieces. Mini-figures include the AT-AT Pilot, General Veers, Snowtrooper and Luke Skywalker with grappling line and lightsaber. The set was available from 2007 through 2010, but can still be found sealed for under $500. The Motorized Walking AT-AT requires six AA (1.5V) batteries and is suggested for builders at least 14 years old.

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Top 10 female leads in action films

Who doesn’t love a great action film?* There are so many movies these days to choose from. There are also some great action movies with female heroes. So this list is the top 10 action films with a female lead role!  We put together this is list of  women who kick ass, take names, and perhaps even chew bubblegum at the same time! So sit back, relax  and say, “Ow, ya that was great film!” See if you agreed with us on the list or if you disagree with anything let us know in the comments after the article! We hope you like the list as much as we liked putting it together for you! Continue reading

Top 10 comedians

topcomediansEveryone loves to laugh! Who doesn’t? So this week we dive into the top 10 stand-up comedians list! We talk about who we like and were we would put them from 10 to 1!  Join us and have a chuckle as we why we put some of the funniest people that stand in front of crowds and tell us like it is! Continue reading

Top 10 Movies Based on a True Story!

TOP10top 10 treustories

The movies are a great place to unwind and take a break from real life, but sometimes a great movie is actually based on a true story. A great movie doesn’t always need high action scenes and over the top comedy. Sometimes, telling the truth is more interesting, and fans love a good movie based on real life. Life can be complex and exciting, and for the movies we have listed, the true stories captivated audiences around the world. So this week, we have the top 10 movies based on true events! Sit back and relive some of these great movies and pieces of  work. The stories of the lives and events of real people! Continue reading

The 10 Lamest G.I. Joe Characters ever


With so many  G.I. Joe characters created over the years there were bound to be a few useless duds that would be left behind in a battle against Cobra or any other terrorist organization. I love G.I. Joe, I grew up with this franchise, but I’ve got to say, some of the G.I. Joe members that Hasbro came up with are pretty ridiculous. Here are ten characters that really have no business being G.I. Joes. These characters are so lame it was hard to find decent pictures of them.

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Matt Damon Top 10 Movies List!

For this weeks top 10 list we present to you!  Matt Damons finest films or  films that he appeared in that really captured his art as an actor!  Check out  our list!

220px-Matt_Damon_TIFF_2015Matthew Paige “Matt” Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor and filmmaker. Damon and Ben Affleck wrote an Academy Award-winning screenplay, Good Will Hunting (1997), which he also starred in. He is among Forbes magazine’s most bankable stars and one of the top-40 highest-grossing actors of all time. In addition to the many awards Damon has received, including Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007 for his work in the film industry.
Damon has become known for his versatility, starring in commercially and critically successful films such as the rogue secret agent Jason Bourne in the Bourne series, the youthful thief Linus Caldwell in the Ocean’s Trilogy, the anti-hero in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), a fallen angel in Dogma (1999), a morally divided young soldier in Saving Private Ryan (1998), a conjoined twin in Stuck on You (2003), and an astronaut stranded on Mars in The Martian (2015). He won further critical acclaim for his performances in dramas such as Syriana (2005) and The Good Shepherd (2006), as well as for his role as a villain in the crime drama The Departed (2006).
Damon has also performed voice-over work and established several production companies. Damon has been actively involved in charitable work, including the ONE Campaign, H2O Africa Foundation, Feeding America, and With his wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso, Damon has three daughters and a stepdaughter from Barroso’s prior marriage. Continue reading

Top 10 Fast food Restaurants

Have you ever sat in a fast food restaurant and said to yourself, “Hmm, this food is great. This is my favorite fast food restaurant”?  Well you are not alone! Many people say the exact same thing. And today, we are going to talk about our top 10 fast food restaurants! So read away viewers, and get your taste buds ready for some delicious fun! Continue reading

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs



guilty_pleasure_songsHave you ever gotten a song stuck in your head that you just can’t get out, something you just hum over and over again? Driving you crazy, but yet you can’t help yourself but to sing it again? And in a way, is something you like to keep singing? Well, we get the same feeling, and we have a top 10 list for it! Thats right – we have a top 10 guilty pleasure song list! Continue reading

Top 10 Amusement Park Rides!

TOP10amusement_ride Hold on to your hats, and your lunches! Keep your hands at your side until the ride has come to a complete stop! This week’s Top 10 list is comprised of our 10 favorite amusement ride attractions!  Who doesn’t love a theme park? There is something for everyone at any age! So buckle yourself in for a list that might just have you hanging upside down or getting soaked, cause here we go! Continue reading