Top 10 Shoot’em up films

We have another kick-ass list for you this time around! What is it about guns that we love so much? Who knows, but they’re cool as hell! Here’s a list of films that celebrate our love for guns, action and violence. These films make gunplay into an art form, which has now been given the name “gun-fu”. Are any of these your favorites? Let’s take a look at our lists, and see if any match up with yours. And there will be blood…. Continue reading

Top 10 female leads in action films

Who doesn’t love a great action film?* There are so many movies these days to choose from. There are also some great action movies with female heroes. So this list is the top 10 action films with a female lead role!  We put together this is list of  women who kick ass, take names, and perhaps even chew bubblegum at the same time! So sit back, relax  and say, “Ow, ya that was great film!” See if you agreed with us on the list or if you disagree with anything let us know in the comments after the article! We hope you like the list as much as we liked putting it together for you! Continue reading

Top 10 Sequels

Have you ever sat back and watched a sequel to a movie and said to yourself ” that sucked”? Well not this week, because this week we have the 10 top sequels that were just as good or is not better than the original! Join us as we talk about the top 10 sequels list!

For the purposes of this list, we are only concerned with the first sequel, i.e.: no part 3’s, part IV’s, or beyond. In simplest terms, Return of the Jedi is not eligible.

And as the Joker said in The Dark Knight  (sequel!), “And here we go!” Continue reading