The PG-13 Version of DEADPOOL 2 Gets a Title, Logo, and New Details


The PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 that we’ve all been hearing about has been given and official title. That title is Once Upon A Deadpool and we have a logo for you to check out along with some additional details.

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There Are Some Surprising Cameos in DEADPOOL 2 That Aren’t Easy to Catch

Deadpool 2 opened in theaters last night and I’m sure a lot of you already went out and saw it. If you did, there were a few surprising cameos in the film that you may have missed. They aren’t easy to spot! There are a few big cameos that are easy to spot, but some of the others had to be pointed out to me by a friend of mine.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, the following information will give you a heads up on what to look for. But, if you don’t want to know, and you just want to try and spot the cameos on your own, then don’t read ahead. There are some big spoilers.


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Ryan Reynolds Shares Photos From When Make-A-Wish and Children’s Wish Visited The Set of DEADPOOL 2

One of the many things that I love about Ryan Reynolds is that the guy has a heart and he took time during his busy schedule to hang out with a bunch of kids on the set of Deadpool 2. The actor recently shared some photos on social media of when the production welcomed Make-A-Wish America and Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada to the set. Reynolds said:

“One of the best parts of playing the Big Red Jackass is welcoming Make-A-Wish America and Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada onto set. Deadpool kicked Cancer in the taint, but these kids do it for real every day. These foundations make dreams come true for a lot of of super-brave kids. They also make dreams come true for parents, who just wanna see their kid smile. HUGE thanks to our Prop Master, Dan Sissons, for making sure every kid left with his/her own sword. (Bamboo versions. Not stabby-stabby versions.)”

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Here’s Our First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in DEADPOOL 2!

Here's Out First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in DEADPOOL 2!1

We’ve all been waiting for it and here it is! Ryan Reynolds has released a photo giving us our first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2! He looks so freakin’ badass!

Last week we were treated with two photos giving us our first look at Zazie Beats as Domino and those photos were met with some controversy because it’s not completely faithful to the comic book version of the character. I think all of that worry will fade away once fans are watching the movie.

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Deadpool Takes A Break: Here’s Why Ryan Reynolds Won’t Be Performing His Own Stunts On ‘Deadpool 2’

'Deadpool' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]One of the biggest draws of the Valentines’ Day hit Deadpool were the action scenes that showed off the titular mercenary’s brutal combat skills. Whether it was a gun or a katana in his hands, Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) was more than capable of taking down anyone with ease. But the reality behind filming these awesome fights is a lot harsher than some may think, and this is why Reynolds will not be able to perform his character’s stunts for the highly anticipated Deadpool 2.

In an interview with Empire, Reynolds revealed that he had no choice but to delegate his character’s stunts in the sequel due to his health.

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Zazie Beetz Cast as Domino in Deadpool 2!

Zazie Beetz Cast as Domino in Deadpool 2!

Series star and producer Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to dispel a rumor and make an announcement of his own by revealing that Zazie Beetz has joined the cast of Deadpool 2 as Domino! Domino’s mutant ability allows her to manipulate probability in her favor, making her a lethal mercenary just like Wade Wilson. Continue reading

Deadpool 3 Is Already Planned, Will Introduce X-Force

Deadpool 3 Is Already Planned, Will Introduce X-Force

Even though Deadpool 2 doesn’t have a director anymore, 20th Century Fox isn’t slowing down one bit. Not only is the studio moving full steam ahead on this impending sequel with an empty director’s chair, they are already in the planning stages on Deadpool 3. And the movie will introduce the X-Force. Continue reading

Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Taskmaster’ And Teases CABLE AND DEADPOOL

At a Deadpool fan event, there was an interesting quotes from star Ryan Reynolds.

Answering fan questions, the actor was asked about reports that they wanted Taskmaster in the movie, and while he didn’t get too specific, it definitely sounds like Marvel Studios wouldn’t even consider lending him to Fox. Continue reading

Lots of New DEADPOOL Details Revealed: X-Men Ties, Easter Eggs, Sequel Ideas & More

A ton of new details have surfaced for director Tim Miller’s highly-anticipated Deadpool movie. The following information comes from Collider, who got the info from their visit to the set of the film, so everything you read here is solid intel and contains SPOILERS. Continue reading

Ajax Confirmed as Villain for DEADPOOL

Earlier This year, we learned that Game of Thrones actor Ed Skrein joined the cast of Tim Miller‘s Deadpool movie. It was rumored, at the time, that he would be playing a villain in the story, and now he has confirmed he will be taking on the role of Ajax. Continue reading