FOX’s X-Men Series Will Be Called “Gifted”

FOX's X-Men Series Titled Gifted, Joseph Morgan Joins Cast

After many weeks of mystery, series executive producer Lauren Shuler Donner has taken to Twitter to reveal the title of FOX’s upcoming X-Men TV series, “Gifted”. Donner posted a photo of the cast at a table read for the pilot episode as well, revealing that Joseph Morgan (“The Vampire Diaries, The Originals”) has joined the cast.

The series stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, with Jamie Chung as the mutant Blink, and Natalie Alyn Lind as the mutant Polaris. Continue reading

Bryan Singer Has Pitched X-23 to Fox to Be the New Wolverine

It was previously rumored that X-23 might join Logan in director James Mangold’s Wolverine 3. With Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws after this movie, it would make sense to see a Wolverine replacement, and if that happened, Marvel’s new female Wolverine, Laura Kinney, who was previously known as X-23, would be the perfect choice.

Well, it turns out that Bryan Singer actually already pitched the new female Wolverine to Fox. Continue reading

Lots of New DEADPOOL Details Revealed: X-Men Ties, Easter Eggs, Sequel Ideas & More

A ton of new details have surfaced for director Tim Miller’s highly-anticipated Deadpool movie. The following information comes from Collider, who got the info from their visit to the set of the film, so everything you read here is solid intel and contains SPOILERS. Continue reading

Deadpool Trailer Breakdown

Deadpool footage is finally here, and it is looking awesome. But we’re not just here for the violence and the fourth-wall-breaking—we’re here to find out what secrets we can uncover from Fox’s new take on the merc with a mouth. “Everyone hates what they did to Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but nobody blames Ryan for it.” So says Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, in which almost uniquely, Ryan Reynolds has doggedly pursued the opportunity to revisit the character and do it right. All indications are that he and his team have absolutely nailed it this time. And with the trailer for the long-developed and much-rumoured Deadpool finally with us, we dragged Miller away from the editing suite long enough to talk us through it. (POTENTIAL SPOILERS ALERT!!!) Continue reading

Channing Tatum Signs His Gambit Deal!

Channing Tatum Signs His Gambit Deal!

Channing Tatum is set to play Gambit in the X-Men spin-off

Despite a report late last month saying that Channing Tatum’s deal for the Gambit movie was in jeopardy of falling apart and that he was planning to exit the X-Men spin-off at 20th Century Fox, The Hollywood Reporter says that the deal has now closed for the actor to star and produce. Continue reading

WOLVERINE Teaser Poster Revealed by Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman has officially released the teaser poster for his final Wolverine film. This is the same image that was shared with fans at Comic-Con earlier this month. There he also confirmed once again that this movie will be the last time that we see him play Wolverine. Continue reading

BEAST (Marvel Comics) Vs. BEAST (Disney)


In our next “Versus” round up, we have two fuzzy fur ball beasts. We have Beast from Marvel comics, and we have The Beast from Disney! Who would make a better beast? Here is a little something about each character: Continue reading

Wolverine Vs. Predator

wolverinevspredatorIn our next “Versus” round up, we have two various claw popping bad asses! Wolverine Vs. Predator! Who would win this bloody death match? Just because it bleeds, doesn’t mean you can kill it! So read on, and think hard true believers; this one is going to be a long drawn out match! We will let you decide. Here is a little something about each character: Continue reading

James McAvoy Sporting Professor X’s Signature Look For X-Men: Apocalypse

In the X-Men universe, Professor Charles Xavier has, let’s just call it a signature look, and that look is bald. Like cue ball bald. That’s how he appears in the comics and, as portrayed by Patrick Stewart, in the early X-Men films (as well as for a while in last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past). Up to now, however, every time James McAvoy has played the part, he’s done so with a head full of luxurious brown hair. That’s changing in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, and with production getting under way, we’ve got a sneak peek of what he looks like sans hair follicles. Continue reading

Hugh Jackman On Why He’s Walking Away From Wolverine

Over the last year, Hugh Jackman has been very wishy-washy about playing Wolverine and how much longer he would be playing the character. First X-Men: Days of Future Past was going to be his last movie, then he was going to play the character until he died. Now Wolverine 3 seems like it will in fact be the very last time that Jackman busts out his claws. Continue reading