Colossus Vs Luke Cage

We at Podcast Unlimited like to give our characters a run for their money. And this week, we got a top notch battle brawl with men of steel! And no, we aren’t talking about Superman! Over at Marvel Comics, there are some pretty tough customers. For this “Versus,” we have not only two strong competitors with steel-like skin! We have everyone’s favorite strong man from the X-Men, Colossus! And battling him will be the Avengers very own Luke Cage, also known as Power Man! Since they both have skin that makes it very tough to penetrate, who would you like to see win this match up? We will let you decide – but first, here is a little about each participant!

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Top 10 Mutants!

TOP10top_10_mutants In the Mutant Universe, there is a clearly defined scale accounting for the power level of the various superheroes, villains, robots, mutants and aliens that bum around, because of course there is. We geeks need something tangible to hang our terrible arguments about “who would win in a fight” on, which is exactly what this scale does. At the lower end of the spectrum you have the everyday shmoes – the comic book equivalent of us civilians – and at the very top of the scale is where you’ll find the so-called “Omega level” superpeople.

They are characters who were born with the X-gene and have had an almost limitless amount of power at their fingertips as soon as they left the womb (or even before, in some cases). So with that said lets start off our list!  See if any of our top 10 hit your list! Continue reading

Lots of New DEADPOOL Details Revealed: X-Men Ties, Easter Eggs, Sequel Ideas & More

A ton of new details have surfaced for director Tim Miller’s highly-anticipated Deadpool movie. The following information comes from Collider, who got the info from their visit to the set of the film, so everything you read here is solid intel and contains SPOILERS. Continue reading

Deadpool Trailer Breakdown

Deadpool footage is finally here, and it is looking awesome. But we’re not just here for the violence and the fourth-wall-breaking—we’re here to find out what secrets we can uncover from Fox’s new take on the merc with a mouth. “Everyone hates what they did to Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but nobody blames Ryan for it.” So says Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, in which almost uniquely, Ryan Reynolds has doggedly pursued the opportunity to revisit the character and do it right. All indications are that he and his team have absolutely nailed it this time. And with the trailer for the long-developed and much-rumoured Deadpool finally with us, we dragged Miller away from the editing suite long enough to talk us through it. (POTENTIAL SPOILERS ALERT!!!) Continue reading

DEADPOOL Set Photos and Videos – Deadpool Takes on Colossus

Fan Made Poster by CAMW1N

Some more photos from the set of Deadpool have surfaced, and they feature Ryan Reynolds and his stunt-double in costume taking on Colossus. Or at least a giant man named Andre Tricoteux dressed up in a motion-capture suit, who will be replaced by a CGI Colossus in the final product. There are also shots of Ed Skrein as Ajax and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

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Colossus to be Recast for Deadpool Movie

colossus header

Fresh off the heels of a casting breakdown found earlier, “X-Men” cast member Daniel Cudmore has confirmed on Twitter that he will not be reprising the role of Colossus in the upcoming Deadpool film. Continue reading

Gina Carano added to DEADPOOL film, Colossus Appear to Also

It looks like MMA fighter-turned-movie-star Gina Carano is going to mix it up in the X-Men universe. THR reports that the actress has signed on to star opposite Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller in Deadpool, the long-brewing comic book movie adaptation that’s finally heading to the big screen next year. Continue reading