Is THE PREDATOR The Most Disappointing Movie Of 2018? One Minute Movie Review


New newest installment of the 31-year old sci-fi action franchise Predator is now in theaters, but does The Predator improve on the highly popular movies, or will the latest alien hunter movie leave fans wanting more?

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The Original Ending For THE PREDATOR Would Have Brought Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch Back


I was not a big fan of the way that The Predator ended. It was laughably bad. The original ended that was written would have been much better because it would have brought back Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from the first film, Dutch. Unfortunately, it the role was too small for Schwarzenegger, so he passed on it, which was a bummer. Thanks to Birth Movies Death, we have some details on how that original ending would have played out. But first, I want to talk about the ending we see in the movie:

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Well… Shane Black Has Killed The Predator Franchise With THE PREDATOR

So, I saw The Predator last night. I was really excited about this movie! I’m such a huge fan of the franchise and I was hoping so badly that it would be a good movie! Unfortunately, the movie is a complete mess of a film! It’s easily one of the worst Predator films that has been made and I think it is the final nail in the coffin for the franchise. Director Shane Black has killed the Predator franchise!  The movie was laughably bad with a terrible script filled with some of the most god-awful dialogue. There were aspects of the film had audiences members cringing throughout the movie.

Early on in the film, when Olivia Munn’s character sees the Predator for the first time, she says “You’re one beautiful mother fucker.” Which is, as you know, is supposed to be a call back to the original film where Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “You’re one ugly mother fucker.” From that moment on, I knew the film was going to be all downhill from there and it totally was.

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Olivia Munn Joining Boyd Holbrook in Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Reboot

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Munn will play a scientist opposite Holbrook’s Special Forces commando.

Olivia Munn is in negotiations to join Boyd Holbrook in The Predator, Twentieth Century Fox’s reboot of the alien action-movie series that Shane Black is directing.Holbrook is starring in the movie, which was co-written by Black and Fred Dekker. Continue reading

Boyd Holbrook Set for Benicio Del Toro Predator Role

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Although the Academy Award winner was previously said to be in talks for the film, The Hollywood Reporter today brings word that Benicio Del Toro has exited 20th Century Fox‘s new Predator movie. The Benicio Del Toro Predator role will instead go to Narcos star Boyd Holbrook.
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The Predator Would Feature an Old Arnold Schwarzenegger, If He Appears…

The Predator Would Feature an Old Arnold Schwarzenegger, If He Appears...

Rumors have swirled for some time now about Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the world of Predator with Shane Black’s upcoming reboot of the franchise, though no confirmation has ever come about. Speaking with CraveOnline, Black confirmed some details on the film, like its modern day seting, meaning that, like Terminator Genisys, should Schwarzenegger return, he’ll be back as “Old Arnold.” Continue reading

Predator Costume Will Get Upgraded for Sequel

The Predator costume design will get an upgrade in the new Shane Black film.

Shane Black says the Predator costume design will get an upgrade for the new film.

Director Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon) and his The Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker have been working on an “inventive sequel” to 20th Century Fox’s Predator since 2014, turning in the script late last year and revealing a teaser image in February. Now Black is on the campaign trail for his brilliant new detective movie, The Nice Guys, and we got to ask him if he plans to change Stan Winston‘s iconic Predator costume design for his film, now titled The Predator. Continue reading

Shane Black Says ‘The Predator’ Will Be Set in Present Day

Shane Black has grand plans for The Predator. After turning down a writing gig (but accepting a supporting role) in the original movie, he’s now co-writing and directing a new movie featuring the alien hunter, and he gave a brief update about it in a new interview with Collider. Continue reading

Director Shane Black Hypes ‘The Predator’ As An Expensive “Spectacle”!

PREDATOR 2 via Fox

After the 1990 film Predator 2, Twentieth Century Fox lost focus on both their Predator and Alien franchises, releasing the underwhelming Alien vs. Predator, it’s even cheaper R-rated sequel, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and then the Robert Rodriguez-produced reboot/sequel Predators.

Thanks to Marvel and their cinematic universe, every studio executive is shifting focus. There’s all sorts of eventized franchises afoot, whether it’s X-Men, Planet of the Apes or Ridley Scott’s new Alien trilogy.

Fox was quick to adapt, being one of the first studios to start spending money on respectable reboots. And while some failed (Fantastic Four), others have flourished. Prometheus, for example, has opened up the door for a mega-sized Predator follow-up, which is being directed by Shane Black. Continue reading