The Joker and Harley Quinn Film Gets Crazy Stupid Love Team

The Joker and Harley Quinn film gets the Crazy Stupid Love writers/directors

Crazy Stupid Love writers/directors in talks for the Joker and Harley Quinn film

Crazy Stupid Love writers/director Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are in talks to write, direct and produce the upcoming Joker and Harley Quinn film, according to THR. Ficarra and Requa currently direct and executive produce the NBC cry-fest This Is Us, and are reportedly in final negotiations for the project, which is also referred to as Gotham City Sirens. The Joker and Harley Quinn film is expected to have a number of other female DC characters.

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DC Comics Announces: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad

It’s not just Marvel getting in on the ‘superteams duking it out’ stuff lately—DC is joining in on the fun with a newly announced event that is setting two of their current most popular teams, the Justice League and the Suicide Squad, at each other’s throats.

Revealed through Wall Street Journal, the event series—written by Joshua Williamson, with art from Jason Fabok—will see Batman decide once and for all that Waller’s Task Force X must be shut down permanently (presumably President Obama agrees with him?), calling in his Justice League allies to bring them in. Continue reading

The Suicide Squad trailer has arrived!

The Suicide Squad Trailer is Here!

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first Suicide Squad trailer, following its debut on the DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League special on The CW. Check out the Suicide Squad trailer in the player below!

Expertly edited to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” director David Ayer’s love letter to the bad guys looks like a whole lot of fun. We’re wondering, though, how serious does this movie take these characters? The Queen makes it seem like “Not so much” which is the exact opposite of the tone we got from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which takes place in this same world.

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Official Photos from SUICIDE SQUAD with Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and More


This week has been filled with new Suicide Squad photos and movie details thanks to the new issue of Empire Magazine. Some of those things include Jared Leto talking about the Joker, Cara Delevingne talking about Enchantress, and talk of a villainous love triangle. We previously posted some scanned images from the magazine, but some of those have been officially released along with some new images that include a behind-the-scenes shot of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5th, 2016. Continue reading

Top 10 Sidekicks!

Without hero support, our big icon heroes would not exist! They always need their trusty sidekick! So this list is for them! We dedicate our top 10 list this week to the guys (and gals) that don’t get much recognition! So with that said, here is out Top 10 sidekick list! Continue reading

Margot Robbie on Harley Quinn and SUICIDE SQUAD Sequels

Art by Fabian “Monk” Schlaga

When an actor signs on to a superhero film with Marvel or DC in a lead role, chances are they are have signed on for multiple films. In a interview with The Arizona RepublicMargot Robbie talks about playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and shares her thoughts on the potential sequels that she could appear in.

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Tom Hardy Reportedly Left SUICIDE SQUAD Because of the Script


Looks like someone might have an ego issue. Yesterday we reported that Tom Hardy had dropped out of David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad due to scheduling conflicts. Apparently that’s not the real reason he left. Continue reading