Kevin Feige Says That BLACK PANTHER is the Best Marvel Movie Ever Made, Do You Agree?

Black Panther is a fun film. I liked how it turned out. It told a great complex story with dramatic layers and it was also fun. But… is it the best Marvel movie ever made? Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige says it is! During an interview with ABC, that you can watch below, Feige said:

“The movie finished, and I looked over at Ryan [Coogler], I said, ‘that’s the best movie we’ve ever made.'”

That’s quite a bold statement from Kevin Feige, but… I have to respectfully disagree. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this matter because everyone has different tastes. There’s really no right or wrong answer to this.

After watching Black Panther I went back and watched The Winter Soldier and Civil War, and those films are still so amazing. Those along with Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy films I think are better Marvel films than Black Panther. That’s just my opinion, though.

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Kevin Feige on When Marvel Studios Will Start Playing With The X-Men


Ever since Disney bought Fox and we learned that Marvel would be getting the rights to the X-Men and The Fantastic Four back, fans have been wondering, talking about, and speculating what Marvel plans on doing with these characters and when they will actually start to play with them.

During a recent interview with Vulture, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shed some light on where he stands on all of this at the moment. After claiming that he found out about the big deal in the press like the rest of us saying, “These are big deals” and they are above his pay grade, he explained:

“The truth of the matter as I understand it is the deal has to be figured out. There’s been no communication. We’re not thinking about it. We’re focusing on everything we’ve already announced. If and when the deal actually happens, we’ll start to think more about it. Until then, we have a lot to do.”

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Kevin Feige Explains Where BLADE Currently Stands With Marvel

One of the first non-terrible modern comic book movies to be made was 1998’s Blade with Wesley Snipes. Most people tend to credit Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, but it was really Blade that started the journey of modern superhero films. That movie was badass!

Some people would love to see Blade make a comeback at Marvel Studios! There’s no doubt that they’d do something awesome with the character. Apparently, a while back the producers of the Underworld franchise tried to set up a crossover film that would include Blade. Marvel told them no because they were planning something with the character. During a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked about this, and he explained where Blade currently stands with the studio, saying: Continue reading

IRON MAN 3 Was Supposed To Have a Female Villain! Here is why that changed!

Writer/director Shane Black explained  in a new interview to Uproxx some information regarding Iron Man 3‘s other villain: Killian. Ultimately, he was played by Guy Pearce. However, Black originally wanted Killian to be a woman, but the filmmakers received a note from on high about how that decision was unacceptable and had to be changed to sell more toys. Continue reading

Kevin Feige Confirms MCU Characters Will Appear in Sony’s Spider-Man Movies

About nine months ago, Marvel Studios president and mega-producer Kevin Feige, the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, said that based on the agreement he made with Sony Pictures to share the rights to Spider-Man, characters from the MCU “could” appear in Spidey’s new movies for Sony. At the time, we all assumed that meant that it was a given those crossovers would eventually happen, but Feige’s use of the word “could” meant there was still a chance — however small — that the MCU characters would be restricted only to Marvel Studios films.

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Kevin Feige Gives Details on GUARDIANS 2, THOR: RAGNAROK, and The New SPIDER-MAN

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has provided a few updates about upcoming MCU Phase 3 movies to Empire Magazine, and though that feature isn’t online yet, CBM managed to track down the exact quotations of the interview. They talk about the three Marvel Studios movies that will be released in 2017, so let’s go through them one by one: Continue reading

Kevin Feige on the Possibility of Seeing Ronda Rousey as CAPTAIN MARVEL

Art by Andrew Tarusov

There’s been a lot of information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige over the last week. Now we finally have an interview in which he is asked abut the possibility of seeing Ronda Rousey take of the lead role in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. IGN asked him how he feels about Rousey campaigning for the role, and he replied: Continue reading

Kevin Feige Discusses The Infinity Stones & Hints When We’ll See The Rest


The Infinity Stones have become the central point of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. These ancient items of power as old as the universe itself have been showing up for years, and will eventually be brought together, presumably by the mad Titan named Thanos. That purple-faced, crumpled-chinned monster, in the comics, gathers the Infinity Stones (or gems) together for one purpose: to end all life in the universe. Not good.

So far, we’ve seen four out of six of the stones, in the form of the Tesseract, the Aether, the Orb, and Loki’s Staff. That means there are two remaining, and Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, says we’ll be seeing them soon. Continue reading

Kevin Feige Says Marvel Plans To Do Great Things With Spider-Man


If there’s a fan out there who thinks Marvel went through the trouble of negotiating shared custody of Spider-Man with Sony because they felt they could get something mediocre out of the character, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige assures you that the bar is set at least a little bit higher.

“Making that agreement … was great, and was really amazing, and on a personal level making these movies, it means a lot because I think we can do great things with Spider-Man,” Feige told IGN. “I think Spider-man can serve great purpose in our universe and that’s where he belongs. That was what was unique about him in the comics was not that he was the only superhero in the world; it’s that he was a totally different kind of superhero when compared against all the other ones in the Marvel universe at the time.”

You know what they say: “With great purpose, comes great profitability,”…wait, that’s not right…

Spider-Man will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War.

Kevin Feige Reveals When We’ll See Evangeline Lilly Suit Up as Wasp

Ant-Man had a fine opening weekend, but I don’t think it did the type of box office numbers the people at Marvel Studios were likely hoping for. That means that an immediate sequel may be less likely than it would have been otherwise, which could be disappointing for fans who were hoping to quickly see Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne character don the Wasp suit and take action alongside Paul Rudd’s title hero. (Spoilers for Ant-Man ahead.) Continue reading