New Look at Superman and Lois Lane in the Elseworlds Crossover

First Look at Lois Lane on The CW’s Elseworlds Crossover

We’ve known since this summer that Lois Lane would be making her Arrowverse debut in The CW’s Elseworlds crossover this winter. Ever since Elizabeth Tulloch was cast in the role, fans have been curious to see how her approach to the character would stack up against the likes of Margot Kidder and Amy Adams. To tease the upcoming event, Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin has shared the first look at his character alongside Tulloch’s Lois. You can check out the photo via Instagram below.

Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era

Image result for adobeSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash, a once-ubiquitous technology used to power most of the media content found online, will be retired at the end of 2020, the software company announced Tuesday.

Adobe, along with partners Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc and Mozilla Corp, said support for Flash will ramp down across the internet in phases over the next three years.

After 2020, Adobe will stop releasing updates for Flash and web browsers will no longer support it. The companies are encouraging developers to migrate their software onto modern programming standards.

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The Injustice 2 Announcement Trailer is Here!

The Injustice 2 Announcement Trailer is Here!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced “Injustice 2”, the super-powered sequel to the hit game “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. The newest game in development from the award-winning NetherRealm Studios features a massive roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters. Continue reading


The CW has released the first trailer and promo image for their upcoming new series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It centers on the adventures of a team of DC superheroes that include The Flash, Arrow, White Canary, The Atom, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Firestorm. Together they will go up against the immortal villain, Vandal Savage, who has been a part of the DC Comics universe for decades. The series looks like it’s going to offer some crazy fun entertainment, and the network gives fans a lot of information in this first promo. Continue reading

First Image for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Revealed!

legends of tomorrow header

The CW has released their 2015-2016 primetime schedule, and with it the first official image of the upcoming “Arrow” and “The Flash” spin-off, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,”  It has also been confirmed that the series will have a mid-season premiere in 2016. Continue reading

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

batman unlimited header

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment (via CBR) have debuted the trailer for their upcoming animated film Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, which ties into an upcoming line of action figures based around the dark knight. Check it out in the player below! Continue reading

THE FLASH Will Be “Diving Deep” Into Time Travel

We’ve seen from episode one of The Flash that time travel will be a huge part of the overall story. Those familiar with Barry Allen’s story from the comics have been very happy to see that that element is part of the show. While talking to THR, Grant Gustin (The Flash) shared what we might see toward the end of a very solid first season.

“We are diving deep into the time-travel element and it is going to be wild.”

Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Wells) adds,

“It’s ultimately why I signed on to this job. Not to play a scientist, but to play a time-traveling bandit. In comic books, when you start talking about time travel — if anybody has followed The Flash, then they know Reverse-Flash and The Flash are not just doing this right now in the present day. They have a long history and there’s nothing that we’re not going to pursue when we try to tell the story. We’re trying to tell all of it.”

Gustin concludes with,

“I think it would be fun if it totally changed the show for season two.”

Time travel and the butterfly effect have been shown to have a huge ripple effect in the Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox animated movie storyline. Flipping the whole show upside down to pull in elements of that story would be crazy and fun to see.

Devon Graye to Menace The Flash as a New Trailer Debuts

Devon Graye The Flash

We’ve got less than a week now before the new DC Comics superhero hit “The Flash” races back with its 10 episode, the midseason premiere, “Revenge of the Rogues”. Today, The CW has released an extended trailer for upcoming second half of the first season and you can check it out in the player below! Continue reading