What really happened with The Amazing Spider-Man 3

In fewer than two decades, the Spider-Man franchise has already amassed a history of stops and restarts. But the most surprising were the sudden cancellations of Amazing Spider-Man 3 and the spin-offs planned to follow. It was confusing and strange, but there’s an interesting story behind why the sequel to a successful movie got tossed in the garbage. Continue reading

Marvel Announces SPIDER WOMEN #1

Marvel’s three Spider-Women are getting their own crossover, appropriately titled Spider-Women. Starting in issue #1, the trio of Silk, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Woman will be forced to work together to survive and get back to their own worlds, but according to Jason Latour (writer of Spider-Gwen), that isn’t going to be so easy at first.

“I think what’s intriguing about the three of them is that they’re really just getting to know one another. But as far as the initial dynamic—Jessica is definitely the big sister who’s a little frustrated by how much these girls don’t know about being superheroes.”

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Spider-Gwen Comic Can’t Create New Characters Because Of Sony—Or Can It?



There’s been plenty talk of how Marvel’s movies influence their comics—but the story took a seemingly strange twist today following alleged comments from Spider-Gwen artist Robbi Rodriguez claiming the comic can’t create new characters, otherwise Sony would have “first crack” at adapting them for the big screen. Continue reading

Will Marvel Develop a SPIDER-GWEN Movie with Sony?


Spider-Gwen has become a huge hit for Marvel because fans love the title character. She was only supposed to appear in Spider-Verse and Edge of Spider-Verse, but Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter seemed to embrace the concept and character so much that he has signed off on a solo series for her. There’s also now talk of a feature film adaptation. Continue reading

Confused By The Spider-Verse Comic Event? Here’s What You Need To Know


You might have heard about Spider-Verse before – probably something about how crazy it is, or who cameoed where, or a few new characters. But if you don’t follow the comics, it probably all sounds a bit confusing. Here’s a brief catchup on what you’ve missed, and what it means for Spidey’s comic future. (Possible SPOILERS)

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