Marvel’s Netflix Deal is Coming To an End and Future Shows Will Be Developed For Disney’s Streaming Service

Well, as much as I don’t want to subscribe to another stupid streaming service, it seems like Disney is going to make me. We already knew that Disney would be killing off their deal with Netflix and Hulu and that all of their films and TV shows, including all of the Star Wars and Marvel stuff, will exclusively stream on their upcoming streaming service.

Now, it seems like any future Marvel series that would normally be developed and streamed on Netflix will be moving to the Disney streaming service in the future. I know this was a safe assumption, but hearing confirmation of their plan for it in the Wall Street Journal was still a little jarring.

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JESSICA JONES Talks About a Possible Season 2 and THE DEFENDERS

The first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones dropped on Netflix late last week, and many fans have already torn through every episode. There has been a ton of positive responses to it so far, with many saying it’s an even better show than Daredevil. Mike Colter’s Luke Cage shows up in the series and plants the seeds for his own series, and I suspect Krysten Ritter’s Jessica will at least make an appearance in his solo show, but will we see a second season of Jessica Jones before the eventual team-up series The Defenders? Continue reading