Marvel Unveils a New Iron Man: A 15 year old Black Woman Named Riri Williams

Fans of Marvel Comics have gotten used to fresh new takes on their traditional superheroes in recent years. Thor became a woman, a black man took over as Captain America, and the current Ms. Marvel is a Muslim teenager from Jersey City. On Wednesday morning, news emerged that yet another marquee character was in for a big change.

This time it’s Iron Man, and a black woman named Riri Williams will be replacing billionaire playboy Tony Stark in the suit. The character, who was introduced earlier this year, will be headlining a new “Invincible Iron Man” series that will be spun out of Marvel’s “Civil War II” event. Brian Michael Bendis will write it, while Stefano Caselli will draw the art. Continue reading

Mary Jane Suits Up in Iron Spider Armor on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #15 Cover Art


Marvel Comics has released the first look at Alex Ross’s cover art for Amazing Spider-Man #15, and as you can see, it features Mary Jane wearing the Iron Spider Armor that made its debut during the first Civil War event series. Continue reading