Vincent Cassel To Play The Villain in BOURNE 5

Matt Damon recently offered up some details about the upcoming Bourne 5, in which he’ll return to reprise his role as Jason Bourne/David Webb under the direction of Paul Greengrass. We still don’t know a ton about what the movie will be about, but since filming is set to begin extremely soon, it was inevitable that we’d start to hear more about who will be joining Damon in the cast.We already know that Ex Machina star Alicia Vikander is playing one of the female leads, Julia Stiles is returning as Nicky Parsons, and Tommy Lee Jones has joined up too, reportedly as a high level CIA officer. Viggo Mortensen was at one point rumored to be the film’s villain, but now Variety is reporting that Vincent Cassel has signed on in the role of an assassin trying to track and kill Bourne.

Cassel is the latest in a line of baddies that includes Clive Owen, Karl Urban, and Edgar Ramirez in the original trilogy, and he has a perfect mixture of European style and physicality that should make him a great addition to this franchise.

Bourne 5 hits theaters on July 29th, 2016.

Matt Damon Offers New Details on BOURNE 5

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