Guillermo del Toro Wants Godzilla to Be In PACIFiC RIM 3

Director Guillermo del Toro is currently prepping to shoot Pacific Rim 2, but it seems like he’s already thinking about what he would like to do with the third chapter of his epic giant monster vs. giant robot franchise.

While talking with Movie Pilot, the director says that he wants to add Godzilla into the mix in Pacific Rim 3.

“So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans. Hypothetically, I would love the fuck out of it. I would love to see a Jaeger and Godzilla duke it out. That would be too much for the human brain.”

It would be too much for the human brain at all! Fans would love to see Godzilla in a brawl with a freakin’ Jaeger! It’s not like it would be out of the question either. After all, Legendary Pictures produces both franchises. Why the hell wouldn’t they not want to do a crossover with these franchises!? Hell, they might as well throw King Kong in there while they’re at it!

If you are familiar with the franchise, then you know Godzilla pretty much fought against every giant creature or robot that came his way. A crossover like this makes complete sense, so it would be pretty radical if it actually happened.

It was be completely insame and awesome to see this happen! Now thats the kind of movie that brings in milllions!  Would you like to see this happen?