Twenty Seven (27!) Actors Who Could Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has just hung up his adamantium claws for good, his third Wolverine movie being the actor’s final outing as the X-Men character. (Allegedly). Although Jackman’s take on Wolverine has been different in some notable ways from how the character has typically been presented in Marvel comics, for many, Jackman’s name has become synonymous with the character. His tenure in the role (Jackman will have portrayed Wolverine over a span of 17 years across nine different films when all is said and done), combined with his gruff, yet amiable performance, means that whoever inherits the role will have the almost impossible task of living up to what Jackman brought to the table. While there are reportedly no current plans to recast the role once Jackman is done, any of the following actors would do a fine job as the next Wolverine if and when the role is eventually recast. Just about any male actor that has starred in a fighting movie, vampire movie, HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” or any CW series is eligible, and frankly, I think this Who’s Who’s List of Hollywood hunks have included them all.  Continue reading

Anson Mount Will Be The ‘Inhumans’ Black Bolt

Credit: Marvel

Getting the Inhumans onto our screens has been a very interesting development process. What began as a film due to be released in 2019 as part of the MCU’s Phase Three is now a TV show on ABC with its first two episodes expected to have a theatrical release in IMAX theaters this year. Earlier in February, it was announced that Iwan Rheon had been cast as the treacherous Maximus The Mad, Black Bolt’s brother. Casting who we all expect to be the villain of the show before the main hero was quite atypical, and it left us wondering just who would play the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. Continue reading

Iwan Rheon Set for Key Role in ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Series for ABC

Critically acclaimed actor will play Maximus in highly anticipated television series.

Prominent actor Iwan Rheon (“Game of Thrones”) has been cast in the lead role of Maximus in the “Marvel’s Inhumans” television series. Continue reading