Matt Reeves Decides He Doesn’t Want to Direct THE BATMAN

Last week news broke that Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves was in talks to replace Ben Affleck as the director of The Batman. It was expected that he would take the gig but in the end, he opted to drop out of the running.

The new comes from Variety, but there are no reasons given as to why he decided to not pursue it. The report just says that “talks have broken down” between the director and the studio and “negotiations have stopped”.

According to an inside source, WB is still intent on making the film by “whatever means necessary.”

So, the studio is continuing its hunt for a director. Who knows, maybe someone better will come along. I just hope that in the end, they don’t settle for someone with mediocre filmmaking skills.

Can Warner Bros and DC Entertainment land a top-tier director if they continue to insist on their tight release schedule? Near-impossible deadlines have ruined many movies, albums, and video games in the past (one of the most notorious examples being Atari 2600’s “E.T.”) Perhaps Affleck and Reeves did the math, and realized they would need much more time before they could release a work deemed worthy of their standards. There have been several examples where future classics were being worked and editred up until the last minute (e.g. Star Wars), but the misses have heavily outnumber the hits in this regards. And WB/DC’s recent track record suggest that when pressed against a deadline, the results are poor (Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad).