Ridley Scott Says There’s No Reason ALIEN Shouldn’t Be As Popular As STAR WARS

After watching his franchise go on a steady decline over the years, Ridley Scott sounds beside himself. The good news is it doesn’t appear as though he’s ready to give up on the Alien franchise so we might see him working on another film in the near future. The bad news? He may have some delusions of grandeur in regards to the property:

“There’s no reason why Alien should now not be on the same level for fans as Star Trek and Star Wars. I think the next as to where we go is, do we sustain the Alien [franchise] with the evolution of the beast or do we reinvent something else? I think you need to have an evolution on this famous beast, because he’s the best monster ever, really.”

That quote (via Gamespot) is a bold proclamation by any stretch, and I’m not sure how you put Alien in the same discussion as Star Trek or Star Wars unless you’re talking about number of films that have been released. I would LOVE for Alien to reach that type of success, but I’m gonna sit here and flat out say there are plenty of reasons why Alien has not reached that level of success.

Regardless, I like that Scott still has that fire in him to continue and try to make the franchise better because he does have a really good monster…he just needs better stories surrounding it. I honestly thought Prometheus was a step in the right direction, but it appears they’ve all but abandoned that strategy, so where do you go now? What do you think would drastically improve this franchise?

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 is Dead, Says Ridley Scott

Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 is Dead, Says Ridley Scott

In late 2015, it was revealed that 20th Century Fox‘s plans for Neill Blomkamp‘s proposed Alien 5 were in a holding pattern pending the release of Ridley Scott’s prequel Alien: Covenant. Now that we’re weeks away from Covenant‘s May 19 bow in theaters, Scott has been asked by Allocine about Blomkamp’s fivequel and he suggests it’s no longer an active project at all.

“There was never a script,” Scott stated bluntly. “It was an idea that evolved from, I believe, a 10-page pitch, and I was meant to be part of the producers on that. It didn’t evolve. Fox decided that they didn’t want to do it and that was it. I’d already done ‘Prometheus’ and I was planning ‘Covenant’ so I dunno.”

When pressed to say if he thinks the sequel would ever happen, Scott said, “I don’t think so, no.”

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Ridley Scott Reveals How He Would Bring Maximus Back for GLADIATOR 2

Recently, we posted an article about how director Ridley Scott wanted to make a sequel to Gladiator. Which, Ok. Fine. But, the catch was, he wanted to bring back Maximus… who died at the end of the first movie. That sequel is probably never gonna happen, but Scott recently explained in an interview with ME. Movies how it would have worked, how he would have brought Maximus back, saying:

“I can bring him back. I know how to bring him back. I use the [body] of a dying warrior as a portal that could bring somebody back.” Continue reading

Ridley Scott Reveals the Title of His Next Alien Film and Starts to Spill Too Much Information

During a recent interview with Fandango, Alien: Covenant director Ridley Scott started letting all kinds of details fly about his plans for the Alien franchise. He started spilling so many details that the star of Covenant, Katherine Waterston, kept trying to cut him off to prevent him from saying anything more!

He reveals the title of the next Alien film he has planned; how there will be another film that will lead directly into his original Alien film; and says that if the movies do well, there will be five new Alien films total. Here’s how that conversation goes down:

“There will be another one before we kind of literally and logically, clockwise, back into the rear back head of [the original] Alien,” he said.

We asked Scott what the timeline looked like — would it be PrometheusCovenant and then this next movie before we arrive at the events of the original Alien. That’s when the answer became a bit foggy as it appears he slips in the title for another movie we haven’t seen yet and positions it between Prometheus and Covenant.

“It will go PrometheusAwakeningCovenant.. fairly integral where this colonization ship is on the way….”

Waterston cut in again to stop Scott from spoiling any more information. “You’re giving away too much!” she screamed. “But yes, there will be more after this. I think that was the question.” To which Scott replied, “If this is successful, and then the next one, and then there will definitely be three more.”

Damn! Scott was ready to reveal his whole plan for the franchise! Unfortunately, Waterston wouldn’t let him. At least we got the information that we did. Alien: Awakening seems like a solid title, and I’m really curious to see how his next film leads up to the events in Alien.

It’s awesome to see Scott excited about the Alien franchise again. Unfortunately, that means we’ll probably never get to see Neill Blomkamp‘s Aliens sequel. I just wish the studio would have let both projects roll forward. We are getting at least two Star Wars and Marvel films a year, why can’t Fox release two Alien films in a year?

Anyway, I’m excited for Alien: Covenant! I hope that it’s great and that Scott gets to make all the Alien films that he wants!

Sigourney Weaver Says Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN Sequel Will Be “Worth The Wait”

When Ridley Scott decided to make the Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant his next movie, that put Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 in a holding pattern. Blomkamp’s movie is set after the events of James Cameron’s Aliens and reportedly ignores the other sequels in the franchise, and Scott wanted to take a crack at making another bridge movie between Prometheus and the first Alien before someone else came in and told another story that takes place further down the timeline.

Sigourney Weaver, who will be working with Blomkamp on Alien 5, has given a little update about the movie (via Aggressive Comix) and she says it’ll be “worth the wait.” Continue reading

Ridley Scott Says Alien Covenant Will Have a ‘Pretty Hard R’ Rating

Ridley Scott says he's going for a

Work is already underway on Ridley Scott’s upcoming return to the world of Alien. Following a Golden Globe (Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical(?!?)) win for The Martian, Scott is off to Australia to begin production on the upcoming Alien: Covenant. Speaking backstage, Scott revealed a few details about his plans for the picture, including the fact that he’s shooting for “a pretty hard R” rating. He even teases that he’s got something “much worse” than the iconic chestbuster scene in store. Continue reading

Ridley Scott Says to Expect Three More Alien Prequels

Ridley Scott Says to Expect Three More Alien Prequels.

On November 16, 20th Century Fox officially announced a title, release date and synopsis for the Prometheus sequel and first of the Alien prequels. The film, which is titled Alien: Covenant, is starting pre-production in Australia now for filming to begin at Sydney’s Fox Studios in March of 2016 for 16 weeks. Coming to theaters on October 6, 2017, Alien: Covenant was described by the studio as follows: Continue reading

Ridley Scott Wants to Keep the ALIEN Franchise for Himself, New Films Will Lead to ALIEN 1

Ridley Scott will start shooting Alien: Paradise Lost, early next year. He recently brought in John Logan to help him polish up the script. Logan has worked on films such as Skyfall, Spectre and Gladiator. After that, he plans on making another sequel that will lead up to the first Alien film in the series.

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 was put on hold, and it doesn’t look like it will ever get made. Why? Because Scott is trying to keep the franchise to himself. In fact, he regrets letting the franchise get away from him in the first place. Continue reading

Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN 5 Put on Hold Because of ALIEN: PARADISE LOST

It looks like Neil Blomkamp might not get to make Alien 5 after all. His project has been put on hold in favor of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Paradise Lost. According to Deadline, there’s a chance that Blomkamp might not get to make the movie at all. A lot of people thought this might happen when Scott started pushing Alien: Paradise Lost. Blomkamp confirmed the news on Twitter and said that he will be moving on to other projects.

alien is kinda holding/ pending prometheus 2. So I shall be working on other things… as much as I love the xeno- and Lt ripley

Prometheus 2 Officially Titled Alien: Paradise Lost, Says Ridley Scott


While on the promotional trail for his much-praised new sci-fi film The Martian, Ridley Scott has previously revealed that he is planning on making three more sequels to his 2012 Alien pseudo-prequel Prometheus, and now in an interview with HeyUGuys, he has let it slip what he plans to call the first sequel… Alien: Paradise Lost! Continue reading