Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 is Dead, Says Ridley Scott

Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 is Dead, Says Ridley Scott

In late 2015, it was revealed that 20th Century Fox‘s plans for Neill Blomkamp‘s proposed Alien 5 were in a holding pattern pending the release of Ridley Scott’s prequel Alien: Covenant. Now that we’re weeks away from Covenant‘s May 19 bow in theaters, Scott has been asked by Allocine about Blomkamp’s fivequel and he suggests it’s no longer an active project at all.

“There was never a script,” Scott stated bluntly. “It was an idea that evolved from, I believe, a 10-page pitch, and I was meant to be part of the producers on that. It didn’t evolve. Fox decided that they didn’t want to do it and that was it. I’d already done ‘Prometheus’ and I was planning ‘Covenant’ so I dunno.”

When pressed to say if he thinks the sequel would ever happen, Scott said, “I don’t think so, no.”

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Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN 5 Put on Hold Because of ALIEN: PARADISE LOST

It looks like Neil Blomkamp might not get to make Alien 5 after all. His project has been put on hold in favor of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Paradise Lost. According to Deadline, there’s a chance that Blomkamp might not get to make the movie at all. A lot of people thought this might happen when Scott started pushing Alien: Paradise Lost. Blomkamp confirmed the news on Twitter and said that he will be moving on to other projects.

alien is kinda holding/ pending prometheus 2. So I shall be working on other things… as much as I love the xeno- and Lt ripley