Ted Vs Paddington

It’s time again for our versus segment!  And this week, we have an odd little stuffed bear companion round! Who would be a better companion? Ted or Paddington? We will let you decide! Here is a little bit about each bear:

ted-psd-426961Ted is a 2012 American comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlane. The screenplay by MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild is from MacFarlane’s story. The film stars MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and with Joel McHale and Giovanni Ribisi in supporting roles, with MacFarlane providing the voice of the titular character. The film tells the story of John Bennett, a Boston native whose childhood wish brings his teddy bear friend Ted to life. However, Ted keeps John and his love interest Lori Collins from moving on with their lives.

The film is MacFarlane’s feature-length directorial debut, produced by Media Rights Capital and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film was released on June 29, 2012, and was a critical and commercial success, becoming the twelfth-highest-grossing film of 2012. The film also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.
A sequel, Ted 2, was released on June 26, 2015.


Paddington Bear
Paddington-ImagePaddington Bear is a fictional character in children’s literature. He first appeared on 13 October 1958 and has featured in more than twenty books written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and other artists. The friendly bear from deepest, darkest Peru—with his old hat, battered suitcase (complete with a secret compartment, enabling it to hold more items than it would at first appear), duffle coat and love of marmalade—has become a classic character from English children’s literature.[2] Paddington books have been translated into 30 languages across 70 titles and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

Paddington is an anthropomorphised spectacled bear. He is always polite – addressing people as “Mr”, “Mrs” and “Miss”, rarely by first names – and kind-hearted, though he inflicts hard stares on those who incur his disapproval. He has an endless capacity for innocently getting into trouble, but he is known to “try so hard to get things right.” He was discovered in Paddington Station, London, by the (human) Brown family who adopted him, and thus he gives his full name as “Paddington Brown”.


So with all the stuffing put aside, who would you think would be a better stuffed companion? Would it be Ted, or Paddington? We want to know what you think! Post your comments below! Your vote matters! And listen to podcast 77 to find out who won!

Which bear would you rather have as a roommate?
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Teddy Ruxpin
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Another Stuffed Bear
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we are just making crazy stuff up
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Tie Breaker
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