Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum Like The Idea of a SMALLVILLE: THE ANIMATED SEIRES

Smallville was such an amazing series and it helped pave that way for the DC series’ that we are currently enjoying on The CW. It was kinda sad when Smallville came to an end seven years ago and since then fans have wondered if we ever might see some kind of revival.

Well, last weekend at Awesome-Con, there was a Smallville panel with stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum. During the Q&A a fan got up and asked if Smallville could ever be brought back in live-action or animated form that could stream on the DC streaming service. Tom Welling was totally open to the idea of an animated series, saying:

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Stephen Amell Says BLACK LIGHTNING Will Probably Join The Arrow-Verse

The CW’s top brass has been adamant about the fact that Black Lightning may not crossover with the rest of the Arrow-verse, although Stephen Amell doesn’t buy it. The Arrow star commented on the show’s success at AwesomeCon (via ComicBook) and told fans in attendance he believed a crossover is coming sooner or later:

“Everyone pretends like we’re not going to eventually cross over with Black Lightning but we’re probably gonna cross over with Black Lightning, because that’s just the way that the world works. . . . Yeah, I would love to. I think that anything you can do to expand the universe and to build out what we’ve built on our show would be great. So, I’m glad that show’s doing well, I hope that it has a very successful run, and I would love to be a small part of it in some way shape, or form.”

Yeah, I tend to agree with Amell especially given the show’s success. Even if the Black Lightning crew is sticking their heads in the ground and refusing a collaboration, The CW is going to mix it into the bunch. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, personally, as I think it would be weirder not to include Black Lightning in the next crossover event. I’m sure some people feel differently, so share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stephen King’s THE STAND Will Now Be a 10-Hour CBS All-Access Series

Director Josh Boone has been developing an adaptation of Stephen King‘s epic post-apocalyptic novel The Stand since 2014. He’s been developing it for the big screen and at one point we heard that it could have been adapted into four films. Well, according to The Tracking Board he is now developing it as a 10-hour limited series at CBS. The good thing about this is that the story, which is super long, will actually get a proper full adaptation.

Boone was initially hired to write a script for a single film and he ended up turning is a 3-hour long script that everyone, including Stephen King, loved. The studio then asked him if he wanted to make multiple films, to which he said:

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15 G.I. Joes That Would Never Fly in today’s culture

G.I. Nope: 15 G.I. Joes That Would Never Fly Today

Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule over the world. Who will stop them? G.I. Joe, of course! The Joes had a giant roster that consisted of people with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Some specialized in hand-to-hand combat, others piloted vehicles, and as the series expanded from toys to comics, cartoons, and live action series, the tone became less militant and more fantastical. G.I. Joe started with such Joes as Stalker and Grunt, but now you have characters like Sci-Fi and Crazylegs. There are however some characters from the early days of G.I. Joe that would be better forgotten about.

There are G.I. Joes that feel like they were created during different times. Some of the Joes that we have on our list are here due to cultural insensitivities that in hindsight could have been done with much greater care. Other Joes are mentioned because the logic is way off and it insults our intelligence as a(n adult) viewer.  Some made the list because they were odd choices that were too either too silly or too serious to be played with. You’ll cringe, you’ll laugh, and you’ll wonder where it all went wrong as we take a look at 15 G.I. Joe characters that would never fly today.

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Netflix’s Incredible Looking Series LOST IN SPACE Gets a New Featurette

Netflix has released a new featurette for the amazing looking sci-fi series remake of Lost in Space. We got our first look at the series in a trailer that was released last week and that trailer managed to impress a lot of people. I wasn’t expecting the show to look as good as it does, but now I’m pretty pumped up to watch it!

This latest video focuses on the story that the series which follows the Robinson families journey through space. On top of showcasing some new footage, there are also interviews with the cast and crew. They all drive home the fact that this is going to be an emotional action packed family adventure.

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STAR WARS REBELS Producer Dave Filoni Says a New Series Announcement is Coming Soon

As Star Wars Rebels is about to come to an end, fans have been wondering what we are going to see next. We all know that another series is coming, but what will it be!? What story will it tell!? According to Star Wars Rebels producer David Filoni, we’ll find out soon.

During an interview with Animation Magazine, Filoni talked about his experience with working on Clone Wars and Rebels and in the process teased that an announcement is coming:

“George always treated our animation on Clone Wars the same way he treated film, it’s all part of his story. At times there’s a tendency to treat animation as an ‘other’ or as something for kids, and that’s not been my experience at Lucasfilm. We are telling stories and we happen to use the medium of animation to tell them.

“So I think that’s what the future holds. We have a lot of different ways to convey stories and we choose the best mediums and we are showing no sign of slowing, so the end of one thing always means the beginning of another, and soon people will learn what that other is.”

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Jon Favreau to Write, Executive Produce a Live-Action Star Wars TV Series

Jon Favreau to Write, Executive Produce a Live-Action Star Wars TV Series

Jon Favreau to write, executive produce a live-action Star Wars TV series

Lucasfilm has announced that Emmy-nominated producer and actor Jon Favreau has signed on to executive produce and write a live-action Star Wars TV series for Disney’s new direct-to-consumer platform. Favreau is no stranger to the Star Wars galaxy having played roles in both the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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THE NEW GIRL’s Hannah Simone Cast as Lead in ABC’s GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Reboot


ABC has cast The New Girl‘s Hannah Simone in the lead role of their upcoming reboot of the classic 80s series Greatest American Hero.

It was previously revealed that the new version of the series would center on a 30-year-old Indian-American woman from Cleveland named Meera. It’s explained that her talents include tequila drinking, karaoke and… not much else. “Then some aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet, and the world has never been in more unreliable hands.”

I liked Simone in The New Girl and I hope that this new series turns out to be a good project for her. Rebooting a fan-favorite classic of anything is a rough and dangerous business these days. Most of the time these types of projects end up not working out.

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THE PUNISHER Season 2 May Adapt Garth Ennis’ “The Slavers” Story Arc


Marvel is currently prepping up for production on The Punisher Season 2 and thanks to some recently revealed character breakdowns, it looks like we might know what the story will entail. The information in those character breakdowns points to the second season possibly adapting Garth Ennis’ acclaimed “The Slavers” story arc from the comic book in the mid-2000s.

In a recent report from That Hashtag Show, Marvel is looking for two actor to take on the role of a couple of characters who will be series regulars. Those characters are Annie Bier and Kim Davis.

For Annie, they want to cast an 18-year-old female to play a 16-year-old and the character is described as, “someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment.” As for Kim, they want and actress in her mid-30s of any ethnicity and she will be a therapist.

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The Doom Patrol Will Appear on the Titans TV Show

The Doom Patrol Will Appear on the Titans TV Show

The Doom Patrol will appear on the Titans TV Show

DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns has made a huge reveal by showing off the title page for an upcoming episode of Titans“The #Titans are getting some company…” he wrote

ahead of the photo that reveals the episode’s title of “Doom Patrol.”

Created by writers Arnold Drake & Bob Haney and artist Bruno Premiani, The Doom Patrol are a superpowered group of misfits in the DCU whose adventures border on the incredibly bizarre and outrageous, even for comics. Lead by Niles Caulder, the original team consisted of the likes of the super strong (albeit dimwitted) Cliff Steele, the self explanatory Elasti-Girl, and the astral projected Negative Man.

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