Eric Cartman VS Louise Belcher VS Bart Simpson


Hello again pop culture fans! This time around for our “Versus” segment, we have some of the toughest kids in American animation, with some of the most devious minds at play. We give to you, and don’t dare ever to challenge them alone: Cartman from “South Park”; Louise From “Bob’s Burgers”; and the original bad boy, Bart from “The Simpsons”. We have a rough tough all out  brawl of the minds here – one for the books. Who will be the last genius to stand? We let you decide. We have provided some details about each character, and in the end, we let you, the fans, decide who should win. Let’s get this started… Continue reading

Sith Luke? Jedi Leia? This Star Wars Battlefront 4 concept art is a treasure trove of ‘What if?’ designs

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The Star Wars universe is no stranger to the “what if” scenarios proposed by fans. What if the sides were flipped and Luke was a Sith? What if Leia had been the one to receive Jedi training instead of her brother? What if General Grievous wasn’t 99% metal? Well wonder no more, because new concept art from the long-ago cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 4 has surfaced, and it’s sure to scratch your alternate universe itch.

And no, that’s not a typo – this is allegedly concept art from Star Wars Battlefront 4, despite the fact that Star Wars Battlefront 3 never saw the light of day. How can that be? Pretty simple, really: as development on Battlefront 3 was coming to a close, teams were tasked with laying the groundwork for what was thought to be an inevitable sequel. That proved to be a fatal gamble when the shutdown of LucasArts put a damper on future plans, and developer Free Radical was closed shortly thereafter.

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Netflix’s Incredible Looking Series LOST IN SPACE Gets a New Featurette

Netflix has released a new featurette for the amazing looking sci-fi series remake of Lost in Space. We got our first look at the series in a trailer that was released last week and that trailer managed to impress a lot of people. I wasn’t expecting the show to look as good as it does, but now I’m pretty pumped up to watch it!

This latest video focuses on the story that the series which follows the Robinson families journey through space. On top of showcasing some new footage, there are also interviews with the cast and crew. They all drive home the fact that this is going to be an emotional action packed family adventure.

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The Main Villain of WONDER WOMAN 2 is Said to Be Cheetah

There’s not a lot known about Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman 2. We’ve previously heard that the movie will be set in the 1980s during the Cold War. Now we have some additional details thanks to That Hashtag Show, who I know has some very solid sources who feed them this information. But, until there is an official confirmation, we will treat the following information as a rumor.

The report says that Chris Pine, Ewen Bremner and Said Taghmaoiu are all set to reprise their roles alongside Gal Gadot, and they’ve revealed that the main villain in the film will be Cheetah! Here’s some information that they offer in which they say the studio wanted Emma Stone in the role.

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DEADPOOL 2 Reshoots Are Said To Be Adding More Cable and Domino After Positive Test Screenings

Earlier this week Josh Brolinconfirmed that Deadpool 2 was going through some reshoots. Then there were a bunch of reports that the test screenings for the film didn’t go over with audiences very well and that there were some big story problems. One person even said that the movie is an “Alien 3 blunder”.

Fans speculated that the reason for the reshoots was to fix these story problems. Well, today we have a conflicting report. According to Collider‘s Steve Weintraub, the reshoots are being done to add more of Cable and Domino (Zazie Beetz) to the film because the characters got a lot of positive reception from audiences during the test screenings. That’s right, apparently, the test screenings weren’t as bad as they were made out to be by some people:

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Avengers: Infinity War – Infinity Gauntlet Life-Size Collectible


Since the debut of promotional materials from Marvel Studio’s eagerly awaited blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War, fans were instantly thrilled and captivated by the mighty Infinity Gauntlet, as one who possesses the Infinity Gauntlet shall gain omnipotence power. Thanos, the dangerous powerful supervillain who have been lurking in the shadows, is now in search for the crucial Infinity Stones which include Mind Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, Reality Stone and Soul Stone to complete the Infinity Gauntlet!

In anticipation to Marvel’s upcoming epic blockbuster, Hot Toys is excited to officially introduce the invincible Infinity Gauntlet that is recreated in the actual size and proportion of the gauntlet Thanos uses in the Avengers: Infinity War!

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Hot Toys’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Iron Man Action Figure

Hot Toys has unveiled a couple awesome collectibles for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and collectors are going to want to get their hands on these! Hot Toys has always done great work with their Marvel line and these things are badass!

The first is a 1/6th scale figure of Iron Man in his new suit of armor. This is our best and most detailed look at Tony Stark’s new suit yet and it’s so slick. The second is a life-size replica of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet! Below you’ll find the details and photos for each one:

Avengers: Infinity War – 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figure

A new threat has emerged from the cosmos and it became too heavy for any hero to handle! The Avengers must join forces to protect the world and to stop the ruthless warlord and his formidable allies from destroying the universe! Together with other significant superheroes, the latest Iron Man with advance technology that Tony Stark has created will fight against their ultimate villain Thanos! Prior to the release of the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, Hot Toys is ecstatic to officially introduce the first collectible – the 1/6th scale Iron Man collective figure, among the first wave of Avengers: Infinity War collectible’s line-up.

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STAR WARS REBELS Producer Dave Filoni Says a New Series Announcement is Coming Soon

As Star Wars Rebels is about to come to an end, fans have been wondering what we are going to see next. We all know that another series is coming, but what will it be!? What story will it tell!? According to Star Wars Rebels producer David Filoni, we’ll find out soon.

During an interview with Animation Magazine, Filoni talked about his experience with working on Clone Wars and Rebels and in the process teased that an announcement is coming:

“George always treated our animation on Clone Wars the same way he treated film, it’s all part of his story. At times there’s a tendency to treat animation as an ‘other’ or as something for kids, and that’s not been my experience at Lucasfilm. We are telling stories and we happen to use the medium of animation to tell them.

“So I think that’s what the future holds. We have a lot of different ways to convey stories and we choose the best mediums and we are showing no sign of slowing, so the end of one thing always means the beginning of another, and soon people will learn what that other is.”

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Jason Momoa’s The Crow Release Date Set for October 2019

Jason Momoa's The Crow Release Date Set for October 2019

Sony Pictures has revealed new release dates for The Crow remake, starring Jason Momoa (Aquaman), as well as upcoming films A Dog’s Way Home and Miss Bala.

The Crow is set to hit theaters on October 11, 2019. The gritty reboot of the 1994 cult classic features Momoa playing the lead iconic character of Eric Draven who returns from the grave as The Crow on a mission to avenge his wife’s murder so that his soul can finally rest. The original film is known for its breakthrough visual style as well as its unique production design and cinematography. The remake is directed by Corin Hardy and written by Nick Cave.

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Red Skull May Still Be Alive in The MCU! Could He Show Up in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?


Fans have speculated for years that the Red Skull is not dead in the MCU. I personally never believed that he died at the end of Captain America: The First Avengers, and now thanks to an Avengers: Infinity War prelude comic book, we’ve learned that he’s not dead.

ScreenRant pointed out a panel in the comic that features a flashback scene from the film and as you’ll see below, it suggests that Red Skull was not vaporized by an explosion of blue energy from the Tesseract, which contains the Space Stone. Instead, we see a “fooshhhh” of energy transporting him into space! This seems to confirm the big fan theory that the Red Skull is still alive and kicking in the MCU.

Why would a prequel comic to Infinity War make a point of showing us this if Red Skull isn’t being primed to appear in Infinity War? We have no idea where he has been this whole time, but it’s not hard to think or believe that he might actually play a role in Thanos’ big plan of collecting all the Infinity Stones.

Hell, maybe any of the characters that we thought were destroyed by the Infinity Stones aren’t dead at all. Those other characters include Malekith from Thor: The Dark World, Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s very possible that some of these characters might be alive, but Red Skull is the one that would make most sense.

A few months ago, Samuel L. Jackson seemed to let it slip that Red Skull was still alive, saying:

“You didn’t see me in Civil War. I’m still out there trying to figure out what, you know, The Skull is going to…”

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Warner Bros. Sets Release Dates for Six Billion Dollar Man

Warner Bros. Sets Release Dates for Six Billion Dollar Man and More

The Six Billion Dollar Man will hit theaters on May 31, 2019. The film, starring Mark Wahlberg, is based on the classic television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin. The story follows military officer, Steve Austin, who becomes part of a top secret government program after a horrific accident leaves him near death. With the help of cutting edge technology, Steve is brought back to life with extraordinary abilities, making him the world’s first truly bionic man.

The Sun is Also a Star will hit theaters on May 17, 2019, putting it opposite John Wick: Chapter 3black-ish and grown-ish star Yara Shahidi is in talks to star in the film adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s (Everything, Everything) novel. The Sun is Also a Star was a 2016 finalist for the National Book Awards. The book is the story of a teenage girl named Natasha who meets a boy named Daniel and falls in love with him 12 hours before her family is supposed to be deported to Jamaica.

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